Trans Siberian Railroad Trip

By Jack Chapin

March 15, 2022

Exactly three days after my birthday I won a contest that allowed me to travel to two locations along the Trans-Siberian Railroad. I chose to go to St. Petersburg and Moscow. I decided to bring Sam with me if he paid me a million dollars.

Jack Chapin

At this time Jack Chapin is a senior in college going to the University of Oklahoma State
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St. Petersburg

I chose St. Petersburg because of the amazing buildings I saw when I studied Russia almost eight years ago in social studies. I chose this as my first destination because it is the closest city that I would like to visit.

The Volga River

The Volga River is a major landmark when you are going from St. Petersburg to Moscow


I had fun going to the Peterhof palace, I liked the detail on the buildings and the beautiful waterfalls flowing in the air. But most of all I liked walking around and having so many people greet me, even tough it was in Russian and I did not know what they were saying I still acknowledged them.


Moscow is the capital of Russia. It has a number of great landmarks. When we arrived we went to the Red Square. One thing that I loved about Moscow was the onion shaped domes on the cathedral in Red Square.

Ride Home

On the ride home the pilot went the wrong way and went toward Alaska so we passed the Ural Mts. I liked fling over the Cathedral in Red Square it looked really cool. Soon I was back in my home on March 23 back on my daily schedule.

Siberian Train Ride

Tuesday, March 15th 2022 at 4-4am


Birthday Contest trip win to Russia