Health Triangle Assignment

About me.

Questions about me and my health triangle..:)

What do you hope to accomplish during high school? To get out of it in one piece and have fun. Also to gain Graphics experience

What do you see yourself doing after high school? Going to college and figuring out what I wanna do in life.

What do you hope your life will be like in your 20's? Successful in college and hopefully engaged or something.

3 things you could do to improve your health? Start exercising, eating healthy and taking the stairs more. c:

At home I like to..Hang out with friends, sleep and listen to music.

At school I like to..Work in the print shop in graphics, actively talk in group debates in APUSH, and to work out in gym.

People I like to hangout with..My best friends Dawn, Orson, Alli, James and David. :)

I am good at.. Driving, Algebra 1, and giving advice. :)

A quality I like about myself & that'd I'd like to change is my eyes and the thing I'd like to change is my self esteem and appearance.

Something new I'd like to try is spending a whole weekend away from everything with my friends.

Add an image of the health triangle. Okay.

What do you feel like are positives and negatives of your health today? Negatives are I'm tired and have a runny nose. Postivies is I'm concentrated and not cold :)