My Culture Project


physcal geography

Tyler is located in east Texas. It is known for its roses and east Texas is known for its pine trees. Tyler is nicknamed the Rose Capital and east Texas is sometimes called the Piney Woods. The land is full of trees, hills and lakes. I really like being outside looking at all the beauty that around me. The climate here changes from hot to cold, nothing really in between. It is either hot or its cold.

social organization

I participate in several activities such as Sunday school, swimming and basketball. Most of all I like basketball. I play for the Starters with First Baptist Church. This will be my sixth year playing. I play multiple positions. My favorite position is shooting guard. I set the best screens.


The economy is money that the country has and the ability to sell and buy goods and services. I am interested in selling real estate. My favorite game is monopoly. It gives me a lesson in free enterprise and it gives me practice for my future business. When the economy is bad people are without jobs and have no money. When the economy is good people have jobs and are able to buy more things. When I play monopoly the economy for the rest of the players is bad because I own everything and they are all broke.


Every country has a primary language. Here in the U.S. we speak English. Language is a form of communication. You may communicate with words or you may use your body. Even animals have a language or a way they communicate.


The government is for the people by the people and with the people . The government operates with the citizen's tax dollars. The government provides military protection, streets, bridges, insurance and welfare benefits. The government is divided in three branches. They are as follows executive, legislative, and judicial. The executive branch enforces and implements the laws set in place by Congress. The legislative branch develops the laws and the judicial branch interprets the laws.

Art and Literature

Literature is a term used to describe written and spoken material. So when I'm talking to you I use literature to describe what I am saying. Art can be seen in many forms. Such as paintings, dance, sculptures and acting. The beauty of art is based someone's likes. For example, I like rap and I consider it art. Someone else may like rock and roll. Art and literature builds our culture.

Customs and Tradition

My family has a tradition of passing out candy at Halloween. I really like looking at all the costumes. Additionally, we follow our country's custom of celebrating the uniting of the Pilgrims with the Native Americans at Thanksgiving. One of my favorite traditions is the exchange of gifts at Christmas. Some people don't celebrate Christmas, not me I love it. Celebrating my birthday is my favorite tradition. I love that the entire day is about me and what I want! My birthday is 11 days after Christmas, so that means back to back gifts! Oh yeah!
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The primary religion in the U.S. is Christianity. Our government was built on this religion. Our money even says in God We Trust. Not all people here are Christian. In the U.S. we have freedom of religion which means you can worship how you want to worship. My family goes to church every Sunday. I like the singing the best.
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Food and Drink

Fast food is not heath for you. How many times you heard that? We eat it because it is so good. You can't resist! I got a solution work out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom says that working out will not get rid of all the bad that the food can cause, but at least you will feel good that you tried. My favorite food is pizza. I can eat it everyday. My favorite drink sprite. My mom does not buy soda often, but when she does watch out!
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