Add some Pizzazz to your Thinking

Why do I want to encourage creativity?

To enable students to:

Think in different ways

When given a problem to solve, student solves the problem in an unexpected way, or finds a different or counter problem

Think about their work in more than one way

Critique their own work while being able to defend their thinking/work.

Solve problems with what is around them

Table is wobbly, rather than complain student uses something in the classroom to stablize it

Bugs Bunny's square dance in 'Hillbilly Hare' (best quality + subtitles!).mp4
Who was creative here, and who followed along blindly? What do we want for our students?

How do i encourage creativity?

Assignments that are open-ended or flexible.

Foster intrinsic motivation

Use rubrics

Give students choice

Listen to students when they come up with alternative assignments/plans

Demonstrate creativity yourself

Some models of creativity

teaching to encourage creativity is More fun to grade or evaluate - because all of the products are not the same and you can really see what/how they understand