Number the stars

by Louis Lowry

Isabella Cantu English II, Spring 2015

Number the stars talks about a young girl, named Annemarie, who becomes a part of the events related to the rescue of the Jews during the holocaust. She risks her life to help her best friend, Ellen Rosen, by pretending that Ellen is Annemarie's late older sister Lise, who had died earlier in the war. Lise had been killed as a result of her work with the Danish resistance.

Tab one

the social injustice in Number the stars isn't the obvious one we think of whenever we hear about the horrible tragedy of the Holocaust. This social injustice doesn't just deal with racism, it also applies to age differences because the main character, Annmarie, is young and her feelings and ideas are more than often overlooked simply because she is a child.


in Number the stars, there is several instances of ageism (the social injustice of disregarding or treating someone different because their age). Annemarie can't get the adults of her house to listen to her when she says that just by helping one friend, Ellen Rosen, they can and will make a difference in how the Jews will survive the holocaust. This type of discrimination also happens this day in age to more people than you would think.

Madonna spoke out about age is just a number and that it shouldn't change your opinion or view of somebody. After her performance at the Grammys she was told she was "...too old to be acting and preforming like she used to..." and that she was "...a dried up 56 year-old..." So she decided to own it because she realized that age is very much a beautiful thing and it shouldn't be something that women should be ashamed of. Seeing everyone for who they are is what everyone should strive for until notice is taken.


TAKING ACTION!!! To lessen this issue in our society we must evaluate several things amongst ourselves. We should see if we are unknowingly contributing to this social injustice by making sure that we aren't disregarding someone's opinions and/or skills simply because they may be much older or younger than us. Also, many of us need to see that even though age has proven to alter our decision making and development of numerous skills, it shouldn't be a definitive factor when it comes to omitting someone from our standards of validity.