Have a Great New Year!

How can I see the joys of life every day?

Safety in and Around our School

One of the most important, if not the top priority of our school staff is the safety of our children. While they spend a majority of their waking hours with us, we are as vigilant as possible when it comes to their safety in our rooms, halls, cafeteria, and play areas. This time of year is always a challenge with changing weather conditions and the gear that the kids wear. Below are signs of how we address the busy hallways near the cafeteria and area corners. We also reinforce safe behaviors through our morning announcements.

Assembly Wednesday next week!

While our teachers are working collaboratively on RtI inteventions and examining details of assessments, the children will be with me at our monthly assembly. Our focus will be safe play on the playground in winter time. Our Principal's Council members are creating google presentation slides to assist with the program. I am really excited about this. The presentation will be available in next week's SMORE. Please do your best to have the kids here before 8:50-we start promptly in our cafeteria at that time.
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Motivational Doorways

During the course of the year, our teachers design, sometimes wtih the creative assistance of volunteers, their classroom doors. The children see their names, and below, they see their goals for 2016. I applaud the ideas, concepts, and fun delivered by the entrances. Please take a look next time you visit our school.

MAP Assessments and Fountas/Pinnell reading progress

During this time of year, our students take time to "celebrate their learning" by being assessed in reading and math. The math assessment uses the Measuring Academic Progress testing on our computers-5k to gr. 2 in the lab and gr. 3 and 4 use their devices. The F+P reading assessment scores the children's progress in reading fluency and comprehension. We are hopeful that with our reading workshop model of instruction and the volume of reading being done will have a definite impact on the progress made by the children. You will receive information in the future about this.

Busy 4K hands

There is plenty of time to develop those fine motors skills beyond the video games. Here you can see the cutting and pasting by our young students creating snowmen. Listening to directions is also a very important skill before we start the project.

Making books and checking them in.

Here are two of our terrific volunteeers who are assembling books and checking (taggng them for levels) in new books for our young and emerging readers. Our emphasis on non-fiction is creating a real need for these kinds of stories. We are so grateful for all of those who assist us with our literacy emphasis.
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What a tasty way to start the day!

Here one of our new teachers, Ms. Heinz, stops at the now famous Keurig coffee maker to begin her busy day with her 5K children. Our teachers and staff think this little machine and the donated coffee are just AWESOME! Many thanks!
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Mike Budisch, Head Learner

You see here some of our displayed samples from students in art with Mrs. Thelan. These pieces are in the main entrance to our school. Their success is built on hard work and commitment to the task. I see both of these variables in place as I visit classrooms on a daily basis. Thank you for your continued support.