Annabelle Lee By.Edgar Allan Poe

Maira ALves De Lima


The poem was about she speakers one love,and how she was torn away from the love they had by a cold wind.The speaker compares his love Annabelle by comparing her to a winged seraph which is and angelical being,meaning that she was beautiful and meant much to him.


the poem is narrative telling the story of how the speakers one love died one night and was buried by the beach, and that greatly affected him and brought a kind of depression on him causing actions such as the way he sat by her tomb everyday.It has not been proven that Annabelle lee was a real person so you cant trust the speaker with his story of the woman,the speaker is very and longing the presence of his love,the similes used in the poem to compare Annabelle to a winged angel and comparing the cold wind to her


The Annabelle Lee poem has 50 lines an it has six stanzas,it has a lot of imagery in it it describes the weather and how the character the speaker talks about is being harmed,also describing the kingdom by the sea.The poem seems to go back to where it started to talk about the kingdom by the sea and it ends at the kingdom by the sea.The poem is based off sentences and they are sometimes hard to explain due to some of the older vocabulary used,the poem does not have a lot of punctuation at the end of its sentences.The title of this poem is the name of a woman and it ties in to the story because the speaker talks about her as being the love of his life.


the language used in this poem is very simple,some words do have meaning that is unknown to many people ,For example winged seraphs which is a n angelical being with four wings and sepulcher which can be resembled to a catacomb and burring the dead.The poem does use the allusion or relation to other things like the seraphs which is a biblical being and the catacombs which were a religious way of putting away the dead.There was a lot of imagery for example the kingdom being talked about by the beach also the woman the speaker is talking about can be pictured by the reader.

Musical Devices

The poems rhyme scheme very irregular patter of abcac... the poem is very depressing and can bring out emotion of many readers the passion that Annabel lee is talked about is grand.The poem does not include sound effects how ever it does rhyme at the end sometimes using simple words at the end of each sentences,the effect of the rhyme just ties in to what the speaker is talking about .