Ms. Craig and Mrs. King's Class

News for the Week of March 14th

What's Going on this Week?

In math, students will continue their study of customary and metric units of length, capacity (volume), and weight/mass. We will also be reviewing various topics as we prepare for the STAAR test on March 29th! Overall, I am so impressed with how far our students have come this year in their math skills. We are on a great track to be prepared to be successful in sixth grade!

In science, we have been learning about inherited and learned traits this week. Students might come home with questions about traits they have inherited from you! Today, we did a scavenger hunt to find out certain inherited traits about our classmates, such as having attached or unattached earlobes! We will have a short quiz on Learned and Inherited Traits on Thursday, March 17th. Last but not least, Invention Fair is due tomorrow for students entering. We are very excited about all the creative projects they will enter.

In reading this week we are reviewing multiple concepts as we ramp up to STAAR in the upcoming weeks. Yesterday, students practiced identifying different character traits based on given clues. Today, students will take the 1st half of their Unit 4 Reading Test and start to review their recent roots for our roots quiz on Friday. Tomorrow we will be focusing on theme by reading various Aesop’s fables. In small groups, students will have to discuss their given fable and decide what message the author is trying give. Thursday we will focus on types of figurative language, and students will give their own examples of each type through an interactive gallery walk. Friday, students will take the 2nd half of their Unit 4 Reading Test. They will also take their roots quiz and Unit 4 Review Spelling Test on Friday.

*Spelling homework this week is different than normal. Students are to make a “spelling doodle” using all of their spelling words this week. They will need to find various ways to group the words either based on spelling pattern, synonyms, antonyms, or any other creative ways they can find. I have attached a picture example to give you a better idea of what their work should look like.

In social studies this week we will review for our social studies test by playing a Jeopardy game. A purple review sheet was sent home yesterday for students to begin studying. They also have many notes pages in their binder that will help them be prepared. Thursday, students will take their social studies test covering Westward Expansion, Civil War, and Reconstruction.

Important Dates

Be in the know!

3/15 Unit 4 Reading Test Part 1

3/16 Inventions Fair Due

3/17 Westward Expansion, Civil War, and Reconstruction SS Test/ Inherited and Learned Traits Quiz

3/18 Unit 4 Reading Test Part 2/ Roots Quiz/ Spelling Test

3/24 Picture Day/ Assembly at 1:30pm/ Report Cards Go Home

3/25 Student/Teacher Holiday

3/28 BYOD for Reading

3/29 STAAR Math

3/30 STAAR Reading