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January 6, 2021

Happy New Year Jaguars!

As 2021 begins, we look to view the challenges 2020 brought us and utilize those difficulties as learning opportunities to make our students experience better every day. Our staff has been working hard to prepare for the upcoming semester and are excited to see our students back in the building. We do have more students coming back into the building this semester and have made plans to make sure they are integrated safely. We also know some stress can come from starting the year midway, especially with our new 6th graders, and have some things planned to help ease this transition. We will have extra staff visible and available these first few days to help students get to where they need to be in the mornings and throughout the day.

There are some things you can do to help your child be prepared to find success here at SMS:

  • Check Skyward this evening and ensure your child knows their 1st period class and the room number to report to for Thursday. In this class they will receive a printed copy of their entire schedule.
  • We are on a "Black Day" and students will report to their 1st period class.
  • View this short video Welcome back SMS Jags as a family to familiarize yourself with some things that may look a little different in our current circumstances.
  • Advisory Teachers will be going over SMS norms for F2F classes and campus expectations. On-line teachers will be covering class norms and school expectations for on-line classes.
  • New F2F 6th grade students will be given a tour of the school building.
  • This week, and throughout the year, read the Parent Newsletters sent to your email for important information, updates, documents, etc.
  • Below, you will find some helpful information that may answer some of the questions you have about returning to SMS for another great semester.

Parents, if you are returning back to school OR moving to on-line learning for the first time, please review the appropriate PowerPoint Presentation for important updates below with your child today.

  • Face-to-Face Students: Sartartia Middle School Parent Relaunch January 2021
  • Online Students: Sartartia Middle School Netiquette

We will have multiple phone lines for you to call for support based on the last letter of your student’s name.

A-L: 281-634-6411

M-Z: 281-634-6313

Main Office Line: 281-634-6310

We are looking forward to a positive and successful second semester and appreciate all of your support!

Your Proud Principal,

Cholly Oglesby


Sartartia Middle School

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Reminders for Jag Families

Daily Wellness Screenings and Building Entry

Parents/students must complete a Daily Wellness Screening through Skyward. If your child is cleared, they may attend school that day. If your child is not cleared, they may not report to school and a member from the district COVID-19 contact tracing team will contact families directly. In addition to the screener, students will receive, and must pass, a temperature check before reporting to their classroom. We run a report at 8:00 AM each morning that gives us a list of all students who have completed their screener and their results. To make student entry as safe and efficient as possible, please make sure the screener is completed prior 8:00 AM each day. Another way students can be allowed in is by showing a screen shot of their “cleared” screen. This screen shot must show the date for that day to be accepted. Students who are coming in without their screener done, slow down this process and we like to avoid that situation whenever possible.

Attendance and Tardies

Attendance is a crucial factor to academic success. School hours are from 8:50-4:05. School doors open at 8:20 and teachers are on duty at that time to supervise students. We have very few issues with tardies throughout the day, except for our first class of the day. Please ensure your child has a reliable way to get to school and in class, no later than 8:50 each day.

Face Masks

All students and staff are required to wear face masks throughout the day. Students can remove masks while eating in the commons. We encourage students to have a spare mask in their backpack, just in case.


A grab and go breakfast will be available each morning. Students can get breakfast and eat in their first class of the day. Lunch is held in the commons and students will use regular tables within the cafeteria. At this time, breakfast and lunch are provided at no cost.

Due to the increase in student numbers, we are moving to 4 lunches to accommodate for social distancing. Please review the new bell/lunch schedule below.

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Visitors and Deliveries

To follow health and safety protocols, visitors to the campus and any non-essential deliveries to students are not allowed. As mentioned previously we offer free lunch and breakfast for all students.


All students – It is important for your focus, and ultimately your academic success, to actively participate in your classes regardless of face to face or online. One vital step to this is not having non-academic windows open during class. Getting notifications from a game or social media service while you are trying to learn is a level of distraction not all middle schoolers will be able to overcome.

Face to face students – These students should have a device, either their own or one borrowed from the district, to bring to school every day. These devices should be fully charged each morning and ready to use for the day. Each teacher has a limited number of laptops to loan out for their class and there will be limited opportunity to charge devices at times.

Online students – These students should also have a device dedicated to their schoolwork each day. It is important to set these students up for success by finding a quiet space with reliable internet connection to be their “learning place”. We have found that many of our struggles among online students are from a lack of engagement. Attendance and checking into class/meetings is the first step to success. Students having their camera on, participating verbally when called on, and in the chat when appropriate are things that can ensure engagement and success in each class.

Tech support
- Please refer to the following link for useful information on any tech question or issues you are having.

Assistant Principals & Counselors

6th Grade

Paul Wells-Assistant Principal


Kat Friedel-Counselor


7th Grade

Courtney Border-Assistant Principal


Brandi Goodly-Counselor


8th Grade

Dr. Sunday Johnson-Associate Principal


Lynne Shaver-Counselor


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