Service Learning Workshop

Second Chance Bangkok Visits Grade 3

Second Chance Provides Grade 3 with a Fair Trade Experience

Today, Second Chance Bangkok came to visit grade 3. This was an opportunity for students to hear Jodie speak about Fair Trade and what this means for people's lives. In particular, she spoke to our students about how their consumer choices have such a huge impact on the world around them. This was a great launch to our final social studies unit this year, Marketplace: Making It Fair.

Jodie and the other women from Second Chance Bangkok also allowed our kids some hands on learning. They made a couple of the up-cycled goods that Second Chance makes everyday. The best part was, what students thought was a simple magnet proved to be much more labor intensive and time consuming. Students walked away with much more empathy and understanding for what goes into the 60 baht magnet.

Thank you Second Chance Bangkok! We look forward to welcoming them back on June 4th for our culminating activity and ALL school sale.

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