Bio of Brandon Greene

By: Tyrell Smith

All about Brandon K. Greene

Brandon K. Green was born on September 9,2000 in Virginia beach, VA. When Brandon was a youngster he played various sports of football, basketball, baseball, etc. his worst moments was getting smacked in football. his happiest moments was when won the spelling bee in 4th grade. and Brandon is 14 years old and has no achievements

Fun Facts About Brandon

favorite movie: Friday

Favorite sports teams: Washington Redskins, Los Angeles Lakers, Washington Nationals

Full name: Brandon K. Greene

Dream college: UVA

Dream car: Camaro

Dream career: Psychologist

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: NBA

dream vacation: Hawaii

Favorite Singer: young thug

Favorite network (s) : ESPN, VH, BET

Favorite foods: chicken

Nicknames: N/A

Dream House: Beach house in South Beach

D.O.B: 9-12-2000

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Age: 14