Falcon Connection

the week of March 23rd, 2020

Thank You!

Thank you to our staff, students and families for being so understanding, engaged and connected this past week. Our first three days of e-learning have gone so well, and we hope this week is just as successful.

We hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Stay Engaged with Others

Being at home can feel lonely. Here are some ways to interact with one another:

- "Hangout" with One Another - Instead of calling or texting a friend or family member, video chat. Facial cues, nonverbal communication and body language are important in bonding.

- "Send" Kindness - Instead of just "liking" someones post or commenting on someone's picture, send them a personal text/email or message to spread kindness. We all need a little extra kindness right now.

- Engage in your Interests - Whether you like to draw, sing, dance, read or create, do what you love and share it out!

Power of Choice - Our Family Copes Strong

Stop and take a mindful moment with the family using March’s talking tips about stress here: Power Talk for Families. We hear that word “stress” a lot. Usually we talk about stress as it affects an individual. But families also have stress they experience as a collective unit. The level of impact that a stressor has on the family and its members is based on the resources they have for dealing with the event. If a family has developed appropriate resources, they will see life changes as challenges to be met. If not, they may view a stressor as uncontrollable.

The Power of Choice is a collaborative project led by 360 Youth Services in District 203 and 204 middle and high schools growing the number of students making healthy choices regarding substance use.

Self-Care for Families

During this time, self-care is essential. Here are some activities for families to do together:

- Listen to an audio book - Audible has made hundreds of books free! To access the free titles, just visit stories.audible.com from any web browser.

- Color - it is great for all ages!

- Cook or Bake together

- Create something together - build something, glue something, write something, sing something, play something

We are here:

Please feel free to reach out to Ms. Nonnemacher, Mrs. Spires or Mrs. Smith if you need anything!

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