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The Best New Fiction Books of 2013

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Helping Teens find books that interest them

                 Ideas teachers can share with their teens to find the kinds of books that will most interest them:· First and foremost, decide what you are in the mood for. Is it for thrilling adventure? Romance? Perhaps you have recently enjoyed a movie or TV miniseries, chances are it was based on a book you’d enjoy also.· Ask around. Ask friends, a favorite teacher, or even your coach to suggest books they enjoyed.*  Check out the library. It won’t cost you anything, and the choices are virtually unlimited.  · Don’t be shy about asking a librarian a question, such as, “Do you have any books on rock music?”· Browse in a bookstore. Find a section that interests you, whether it is- fantasy, cars, computers, or whatever the topic. Treat yourself to an inexpensive paperback, or just enjoy having a look around.· Consult a list of books other teenagers have enjoyed. Ask for a book list at your school library. Try a few pages. If the books not for you, put it aside and try another, until you find a winner..· Read at your own pace. Reading isnt  a contest.   

Battle of the Books: May the Best Team READ!

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Battle of the Books is a reading incentive program designed to encourage students to read. Students battle together in teams consisting of 4 per group. Each team competes against other high schools within the PSJA district. This is the first year PSJA High School will have a team to represent in the competition. The competition begins with the librarian introducing books to students. These students then meet during the lunch hour several times before the competition to discuss the selected books with their librarian. Students are required to read a minimum of 6 books. At the time of discussion, each individual team member will have an opportunity to discuss a book and have a book report ready for discussion. The competition will take place at Southwest High School January 17,2014 at 8:00am.

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PSJA High School 1st Millionaire Victoria Quintanilla

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Who wants to be a reading Millionaire? Join the Millionaires Reading Club

Becoming the next PSJA High Millionaire is a great accomplishment, and winning an award doing something you love is just an additional bonus! In order to become a PSJA High millionaire, you must first read several great books. What is even better is that you are given the opportunity of selecting a genre of books of your choice. Once you have accomplished reading the entire book, go to the library and take an accelerated reading test. The accelerated reader will count the words in each book, as well as the total number of words read. When you reach a million words, you become PSJA High Millionaire!! Congratulations to Victoria Quintanilla for reading over a million words. At PSJA High students are challenged to read a million words in one school year. Our goal to to increase literacy and reading at home.

You're online @ PSJA High Library

When someone is assigned a research paper, usually the first approach is to do a “Google search” to gather all information for the specific topic. However, not many realize the true amount of falsified information placed on the Internet or how difficult it is to identify the accurate from the inaccurate. This can be very problematic for anyone using the Internet as a source for valid information, especially when related to educational purposes. To help fix this issue, teachers can come by the library to sign up your classes to get trained on using online databases. Students will be given a password and username so they have access to the databases from any computer from school or at home.


Congratulations to PSJA High Battle of the Books Team for placing 2nd on Friday at Southwest High School. Students battled in teams against other high schools within PSJA district. Our team advanced to the championship round to battle against PSJA Memorial. All participants were treated to lunch at Olive Garden in McAllen. GREAT JOB Team!
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