Abuse and African American Women

Struggle of African American Women


For our project, we will be creating a website that brings awareness to domestic violence and sexual abuse amongst African American women. The website will contain back ground information, current news, pictures, help and prevention, pertaining to domestic violence/sexual abuse. We will also provide a blog where people can blog about their feelings, help and prevention, experiences, etc. We will also be posting links to this website on Twitter and Facebook, and creating a hashtag. We will be posting pictures, articles, and just everyday comments along with this hashtag.

Unofficial Ideas

  • Presenting our website at some of the multi cultural events
  • Making Flyers and Posters to put around campus
  • Creating buttons and stickers to pass out to people

Haadiza Ogwude, Kyle Geele, Austin Pedraita, Evan Massie, and DeJane' Manuel