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A Newsletter from Your Coach, October 19th


See the links below to some FREE and helpful resources! Feel free to reach out if you have questions about or want to discuss any of the topics, tools, or materials.

Energizers in Action!!

ALL students need brain breaks and energizers, and ALL students enjoy them (regardless of their age and what their attitude might portray)! Don't forget about this resource in the library to help you think about and implement quick energizers that will help keep your students alert, awake, alive, and enthusiastic! See the video below to watch one of those energizers in action!
Group Activity Responsive Classroom

A Glimpse Into HISD Classrooms

Instructional Coaching Menu

If you're still wondering what I can do for you as an instructional coach, or what exactly my job is, check out the "Coaching Services" google form below. You can find this form on my Hudson page and submit it anytime you'd like to meet.
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