2nd Industrial Revolution Project

Differences between the rich and the poor. By: Evan Tarter

Work life

fDuring these times the poor people had very terrible conditions when working and they often went on strike to try to get these conditions fixed. Lots of men would work up to 64 hours a week. Men would make around $11.00 a week and women would make half that and children making a third of that. This picture shown is of Rockefeller. He was a robber baron and lived very lavishly. When Rockefeller died he net worth was close to 340 billion dollars. This bottom picture is a regular family. Showing the differences between the rich and the poor familys.

Lives of children

Children lives was very hard and uncomfortable. Most children worked upwards of 12 hours a day. These children were making around 10 cents a week. These children in some ways were in danger. They were working factory jobs with no shoes on and no safety equipment. Yet the rich families had kids too. These kids were always dressed with very nice clothes and dident work jobs. There parents supplied them with everything because they were born into very rich families.


In the late 1800s there were two different types of houses you lived in. There were the rich and the poor. The rich lived in very enormous mansions with lots of room and they were very pretty. But the poor lived in one room houses that were out in the middle of nowhere and they went built good and weren't pretty. The top house is an example of a one room house. You can see that its very small. The bottom house is an example of a rich persons house as you can tell it is very big and has many rooms. The owner of the bottom house is Charles M Schwab. He worked under Andrew Carnegie and soon surpassed his former employer in his choice for housing. His house was very huge and cost lots of money to build.
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Leisure actives.

This top picture is showing what rich people would do in their free time. Playing golf is one of the man things they would do. These rich people dident have to work anymore for their money because they had already earned so much. They lived very nice lives. Yet the poor did not live the best of lives. They worked everyday but Sunday. These family had to come up with ways to have fun. They would play simple game that they came up with. This is an example of some kids playing in the street in the 1800s.
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