K-6 Social Studies


CISD Veteran's Day Assemblies--@Carrollisd

What a great way to honor our Veteran's and teach our students to honor the past sacrifices of our military and their families! Click on the link to see pictures from these moving assemblies on Tuesday, but make sure to scroll down.

What is a DBQ?

A DBQ is document based question.

Why are they important?

DBQs help students build critical thinking, listening, writing, and reading skills through primary and secondary sources. Our students begin to look at history as historians and try to prove a claim made through documents. What better way to engage learners in history than to get them to really interact with the history. DBQs promote many social studies, reading, writing, and listening skills we must cover. They also allow students time to actively collaborate with their peers and interact with history.

Take a few minutes to look at the links below. There are many different sites to help support this best practice in social studies. Elementary teachers need more time to teach social studies, so why not integrate it with your language arts block! As you start your nonfiction units of reading and writing, think about changing it up a bit and adding a DBQ to your students' repertoire.

All students can complete a DBQ, but it will take some planning on how to best support your students with their TEKS and developmental level. You CAN do it!





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Research, Research, Research

Big 6 Research

1. Task Definition

2. Information Seeking Strategies

3. Location and Access

4. Use of Information

5. Synthesis

6. Evaluation

As you and your teams start thinking about your Big 6 Research projects, don't forget to review the process.

Make sure to use your campus librarian to help you find resources, teach the research skills, and help support you. They want to help, just ASK!

CISD K-4 Social Studies Adoption survey

Help me narrow our search in finding the perfect social studies materials for our Dragons.

If you are a K-4 Social Studies teacher, feel free to take a few moments to fill out the Google Form. Please take some time to really think about the answers you want to provide.

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Thank you so much for your guidance and time.