Beating the Odds

Lakeview Staff Newsletter - May 24

Speaking Up without Tearing Down

When I read this article, I thought of every teacher at Lakeview.

We've heard of "calling out" students who say something insensitive. At some point in our career, we realize that calling out rarely works (especially older students) and we find other ways to deal with insensitivity. This article talks about "calling in" students and dealing with insensitive comments in a way that helps everyone immediately learn from the experience.

Pay special attention to the prompts in the middle of the article about how to start a "Call-in conversation". It requires you to be prepared as an educator. Many things in the article remind me of the Sara Daniels video we saw at our last PD day about the teacher and the student in Mississippi.

Instructional Vision thinking for 2019-2020

For all who attend LV staff meetings:

As I mentioned at the staff meeting on Wednesday, I would like to gather input about where we put our focus as a staff in the 2019-2020 school year. The instructional vision document is a living plan which guides our work. As a leader, one of the most important things I think about every day is "What sort of conversations do we/should we have in order to build student achievement and character?" But, as you know in your classroom, rich conversations take planning. Therefore, please take 5 minutes to reflect on our instructional vision document once again and then submit your thoughts in this 2-question survey by Thursday, May 30.

Safety Drill debrief

Thank you for our safety drill Friday. Here are some things to remember:

• It is always good practice to lock your room when it is unoccupied - we found two rooms open because they didn't have students at the time, but you all still have valuables that should probably be secured.

• All staff should be participating (including custodial, food service, etc.) silently in every drill.

• Thank you for having window shades closed - it truly helps

• Be sure your door is completely closed and not just locked and ajar

• Student noise - we can hear even small noises. I know it's hard, but silence is needed.

Looking Ahead

Monday, May 27

Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 29

Ms. Manthe's class bike safety in the afternoon

Thursday, May 30

Mr. Tinsen's class bike safety in the morning

By school board proclamation, today is "Ms. Amich Day" in South Milwaukee!

Lakeview Retirement Party in the evening!

Thursday, June 6

4th grade goes to Madison

5K walking field trip to SM Library

Friday, June 7

Color Run 2 p.m.

Thank you, Ahler family!

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Structural Items

MAP Testing - Window closes on May 30th

School supply list for 2019-2020 - click here for link

Room map for next year - click here for link

Specials Rotation for 2019-2020 - click here for link

Furniture/Room concerns - this document.

Family newsletter - Link to this week's family newsletter

Elementary Blackout Dates - Here is a link to the calendar

Character Dares & Trauma Sensitive Schools

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