Edward Plateau

Mary Ivory Patterson

The effects of weathering, erosion and depostion in the Edward Plateau

The Edward Plateau is a region of west-central Texas. One of the fun things you can do is go to see the enchanted rock and others sighting and to see how they are created

Weathering Effects of the Edward Plateau

Weathering-the breaking down of rocks on the Earth's surface and carrying them away.

Weathering has caused to rock to peel in sheets. Tis was caused by contracting and expanding during heating and cooling in the temperture.

The weathering of sedimentary rock has exposed the granite dome underneath.

Edward Plateau has physical waethering called exfoliation where rocks weather down to sheets.

Erosion Effects of the Edward Plateau

Erosion is weathered rock particles that are carried away.

Agents that cause erosion are wind, water, waves gravity.

In the most western part of the region has stayed flat and elevated but the eastern part called The Hill Country is very eroded to a thin layer of soul and sloops where all the erosion happens.

Deposition effects in the Edward Plateau

Deposition-Eroded rock particles are dumped off in new locations.

Edward Plateau was first formed by marine deposits of sandstone, limestone, shales and dolomites 100 million years ago when the region was under the ocean.