William Boeing

Flying high in the sky

Early Life

William Boeing was born on October 1,1881. His father immigrated to America. His father died when Boeing was young and Boeing did not get along with his stepfather and was sent to various boarding schools including one in Switzerland. His family was in the lumber industry. His father found iron under the area where he was getting the wood and luckily bought the mineral rights and became rich. Young Boeing had a passion for invention. Boeing attended Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. He also attended MIT in Cambridge , Massachusetts .

Starting planes

Boeing met with Goerge Westervelt regularly. They rode in a biplane where the seats where on the wings. They were determined to make a better one. They started working on a seaplane when Westrvelt left for the military. Boeing finished the plane without him. Boeing started designing more planes and start working on a faster one.

What he completed and his company completed

Boeing made airmail and planes until it was made illegal and the company split into 2 different companies, United Airlines and Boeing Manufacturers. Boeing was so mad he left the company and went into horse breeding. Boeing had left airplanes.

Boeing Company made 707, 717, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787, 797 and many others. We would not have big jetliners or big airplanes. Boeing is the leading manufacturer of airplanes today. This all started with William Boeing.


We was inspired by the Wright Brothers.

Quotable Quotes

"We can build a better one."

"Tomorrow's airplanes today!"