williamstad times

by: joe the reporter

blind boy survives with mysterious friend named Timothy


In April 1968. a young boy named Phillip Enright was lost at sea. One year later a pilot spotted the young mans fire. Dismissing him as a fisherman he circled over him then left. A few hours later another pilot was persuing a German U-boat and also spotted the young boys fire. This time it was said that thick black smoke was eminateing from the small island.

Questions with phillip.

Reporter: So. How did you survive on that small island for so long?

Phillip: I had a friend named Timothy. He helped me get used to being blind. He also taught me to be more independint

Reporter: Ok. So what did this Timothy look like?

Phillip: tall, black, he had many muscles. Though he was very old.

Reporter: In the sinking of the Hato. How did you survive?

Phillip: I was calling for my mom, and next thing you know. Something hits my head, and im out cold. In about four hours i woke up on a raft with timothy

Reporter: How relived where you when you saw. Pardon me. Heard the bells of the boat.

Phillip: I was so relived that I thought I was just going to die there.

Reporter: So now that brings us to the fifth question. What exactly happend on the cay?

phillip: Well a tropical storm hit our cay. Timothy died there tying to protect me from the winds.

Reporter: What was your experience on that island like?

Phillip: Not mutch. There was a tempis as i said before. That hit our cay. I had a cat with me. The cats name was Stew Cat, but as Timothy would say. " Many things be 'appinin on 'dat island."

Reporter: So this timothy had bad grammer?

Phillip: Not exactly. It was his native accent that made his voice like that. 'Tis not 'is fault.

Reporter: What was the rescue like form your point of view?

Phillip: From my point of view? Well at first when the first plane left. I thought I was going to break into tears. The second time was just the same. Thinking i would never get off the island. Then the boat arrived. I was so overjoyed, but not enough to show it.

Reporter: One of the sailers was just astonished about what had been built back there. Anything to say about that?

Phillip: Yes. I built the catchment, palm mats, fire, and hut, But if you had seen Timothys! His where outragesly good.

Reporter: Ok. Last question. Was there anything you wanted off that island?

Phillip: Old Timothys knife. The closest thing i have to remembering him. Now will you please leave. I want this interveiw to end.

Here is a old picture of phillip

Timothys obituary.

What you just saw there was old Timothy.

Where was he from

He was from charllet amali

What where his features

Tall, old, buff, he was also black. He always had the best intensions at heart, but not always carrying them out in the usual manner

How did he die

A tempis hit the cay. Trying to protect Phillip he did his job well, but loseing his life in the prosses.

Who is his family

Nobody knows who Timothys family was.

What was Timothys job

He was a deckhand abord the S.S. Hato when it was sunk, but becouse of his color he was subject to a wooden raft. Not a inflatable.

Updates on the war.

A new day has risen and the war is almost over. Who knows? Another bend might be just around that corner. With amarican task forces bombing japan, and Brazil declaring war on Germany becouse of them sinking four of their carriers, then Germany's troops storming the USSR, you never know. Stay tuned to the willamstad times to stay informed.

The Weather Now

jobs available for now


you will receive a medium wage on how many of our great solders you save.


mine for the metal that makes our ships, guns, and cannons. Help the war effort!


farm for food so we can feed our great solders and citizens.


research new tactics, and things for our solders to use so we can win the war!

many more are on the way so stay tuned!

now to a reporter on his view on the war

Joe bob the reporter:

Now i don't know what this war is all about, just that it seems that Germany wants to take over the world. Though it doesn't seem as if they can, because it seems that only Italy has allied with them so far. Just that Germany is a small country doesn't mean that they cant do damage. Say Jewish people. We have many in Curacao and we appreciate them, but if the Germans where to come. We would all be gone.

Here are some of the events in Cuacao

Friday the 1st

Children's day is coming up so butter up your child.

Friday the 8th

the Euro cup is here so put on your new jerseys to watch the game on your black and white T.V. or at the game
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