Hardware and Software



Hardware a part of a computer system which can be physically touched. Hardware is controlled by software.

For example:

  • Keyboard (to insert your desired text)

  • Laptop (used for a large verity of things: holding the software)

  • Mouse (used to move the cursor around the screen)

  • Finger scanner (for easy identification)

  • Buttons (to inform the device of what it is you require it to do)

You would use these things (as shown above) in a computing environment. You could use an IPad, for example, in that scenario but it would not have as much power as a computer - as that is not what the Ipad it is designed for.


Software is the thing which programs and operates computer, but can not be physically touched.

For example:

  • Apps (which can be downloaded and used practically or for entertainment

  • Word (which is used to write down your desired information)

  • The internet (which can be used to research, play and various other things)

  • Text (is an example of a social media used to communicate)

  • Email (a software that allows you to send long messages to people)

You would use these things (as shown above) to conduct research or for your entertainment. People could use a stationary computer to carry out these tasks but as a computer is not portable like an IPad is you would not be able to use it whenever you desire.

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output is hardware which is used to output information which had previously been in a computer of a similar device.

For example:

  • Printer:used to print what used to be on the screen it could be used I a home ad work place environment. You could handwritten the information as a substitute but it would look untidy.
  • Headphones (used to generate the chosen music this could be used for journeys as entertainment. You could also use a speaker for this but it may not work well as you could wish to keep the music private.
  • Projector: used to project what is on the computer screen onto a larger screen it could be used I a school. Also it is feasible to view the information from a computer scree but it would be smaller and harder to view.
  • Lights (used to brighten up the room when turned on in a indoors environment. You could you a torch but the projected light would to be so strong.
  • Television (used to show the desired show / movie this could be used at home. You could also use a book but it is not visual just imitative as the television is supposed to be visual hence the word vision I the name.


An input device is something that a device that sends information to a computer or a similar device the allowing them to read it.

For example:

  • voice: to conform voice reconisation for security purpose or to tell you device like a voice controlled light IPad IPhone etc what to do. You could also you a keyboard to preform these tasks but is would not be as effective.
  • Barcode reader: to read the items price for example it is used well and effectively in shops. A substitute would be to type in the items specific umber but it would take longer and could be inaccurate
  • Key board: to insert information perhaps in a work place environment. It could be replaced with a touch screen keyboard but it would less effective as a touch scree keyboard as it will decrees I size making it harder to type.
  • Finger: for touchscreen this could be used in the home environment you could also use a stylist istead but you can often press the wrong key
  • microphone: to pick up sound I a recording studio for example. You could also use a voice recorder but this would not work as well as it would be harder to use.

Programs, storage devices and operating systems

There are to types of programming one of them being the possess I which has be take ot program a computer or a similar device as well as various app which allow you to program your own game fro example. Scratch is a proggraming app which allows you to insert instruction which the coded charatecer takes place.

storage devices is what is used to store information. For example a memory stick as the name suggest it allows you to store ad then transport a quantity of information - the quantity of information though depends o the size of the memory stick.

A operating system is a low level software that allows the device to possess the basics. For example it allows the device to possess a calendar event which you may have wanted it to.