By: Josh Gole

All About Christianity

People who are followers of the Christianic religion are known as Christians. The common figure of this religion is called Abraham (the same common figure as Judaism and Islam).

Christians believe that there should be prayer in people's lives. Christians also believe in the trinity (father, son, and Holy Spirit). Christians believe that salvation is a must have. Salvation is called the Declaration of Faith.

You may be wondering- what is the holy book called in the Christianic religion? The holy book is called the Bible! The Bible is broken up into two parts- the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Christians also participate in religious activities such as-

- Baptism: an introduction into the Christianic religion

- Communion: the sharing of bread and wine to remember the last supper.

One of the most common things about this religion is called a Church. A Church is where Christians worship their god. The worship leader is often known as a Minister, Preacher, Priest, Pastor, Father, or Reverend.

The Sects in this religion are- Catholic, Orthodox Protestant (which is NOT Catholic)

Some holidays that Christians celebrate are Easter (the death and resurrection of Jesus) and Christmas (the birth of Jesus Christ). The holy/worship day is Sunday. (worship day= sabboth day)

Two common holy sites in the Christianic religion are Jerusalem (the site of Jesus' crucifixion) and Bethlehem (the birthplace of Jesus)

God is important in this religion.