The Sloth Army!

Emma Edwards

Just Plain Sloth

Just Plain Sloth

Sloths are very cute and tropical animals! As you can see they are the cutest thing that touched the planet! They live in South America and eat leaves, A LOT! The two different types of sloth are the two toed and 3 toed. Which are very similar and very different at the same time! But what we see now as cute and adorable used to be big and scary! ( Which is even more adorable! )

Sloths are so cute, mysterious, gross, and beautiful at the same time!

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Sloth Facts

Sloth Habitat and Eating.

A Sloth habitat is fit just for it’s diet. Sloths live high up in the trees! Around rainforests and pretty cloudy areas too. ( sounds like my kind of weather ) Sloth’s prefer living in a curled up ball up in a tree. A sloth hangs from a tree and sleeps up to 20 hours a day. Sloths aren’t a fan of new sloth’s to meet, in fact , the most social a sloth gets is sleeping in the same tree with another sloth!

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A sloth isn’t social, lives in cloudy weather, a adorable, and hangs from a tree all day? That sounds like my kind of animal! People say sloths are slow, they hang up in trees all day with the diet of leaves! And they swim 3 times faster than they move on land! which isn’t really that fast at all but who cares they’re cute!


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