Mrs. Harrington's Class

Room 16

Important Notes

* PIE Night is Thursday, September 15th 5:15-7:00

* Please be sure to send a class snack for the month of September. We have 22 students. It is helpful if the snack comes pre-packaged for individual use. We could always use extra snack if you are interested in donating.

* I will be sending home background checks. If you would like to volunteer this year in the classroom, attend class parties or attend our field trip, I need this form filled out. It must be done yearly.

* If anyone is interested in volunteering in the classroom, please let me know.

Reading & Vocabulary

Reading: We are working on hearing and discussing poems and stories. We are practicing visualizing (making mental pictures) in order to understand poems and stories. We are also working on point of view. We have been reading: "Seal", "Cherries and Cherry Pits", and "The Spooky Tail of Prewitt Peacock". We are also reading "Sideways Stories From Wayside School". Vocabulary words: flutter, dodge, clutch, heartbreaking, fury, bewildered.

Independent Reading Time: We are able to read independently for fifteen minutes. Students are learning about special jobs: Discussion Director, Connection Captain, Super Summarizer, Marvelous Mapper and Word Wizard. They are also learning about different work stations.


We are working on narrative writing. Students are brainstorming topics for their small moment story. Students will learn to write strong leads, use transition words properly, write solid endings and organize their story into paragraphs.


We are working on Number Sense: Addition and Subtraction. Students are learning the difference between commutative, associative and identity properties. They are also working on using mental math and rounding numbers to the nearest ten or hundred by using place value. We are also estimating sums.
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Social Studies

We are diving into the topic of democracy and taking a deeper look into laws, rights, responsibilities and symbols. We are also going to learn about our government. What are the branches of government? What is the purpose of a federal government? What important decisions are made? This is a great topic to reinforce at home due to the upcoming election.