Visit Alaska

The Last Frontier

All About Alaska

  • It was first settled by the Russians
  • The US bought Alaska for 2 cents an acre
  • Alaska accounts for 25% of the oil produced in the US
  • Rhode Island could fit into Alaska 425 times
  • The state flower is the Forget-me-not

More About Alaska

  • State tree is the Sitka spruce
  • Dog mushing is the official state sport
  • The State motto is North to the Future
  • Lowest population density in the country
  • Alaska is not in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Alaska has 19 of the 20 highest elevation points in the US
  • It is almost a country of its own, but it is still part of the US, so it is easier to visit
  • It is also connected to Canada, so you can visit a foreign country as well
  • It is the #2 vacation spot in America
  • You can see the northern lights

In Conclusion

  • Alaska is massive, beautiful, and exotic
  • There are many traditional cultures to explore
  • The seafood is great
  • There are huskies
  • Then, there are pomskies
Things to do in Alaska's Interior