7-12 ELA Newsletter

December 2014


Using Mentor Sentences

During the K-12 Vertical Team meeting last month, several teachers expressed an interest in finding a useful resource that matches mentor sentences with specific grammar skills. I stumbled upon "Notable Sentences...for Imitation and Creation" through Jeff Anderson's website. The sentences used in the blog are linked to specific categories and skills. Students are invited to examine and imitate grammar skills used by noteworthy authors.

Using Eduphoria for Classroom Data

In the past, Eduphoria has housed and collected district data for standardized testing, midterms, CBAs, and even final exams. However, did you know that Eduphoria can do much more for you as a teacher? As a former classroom teacher, I had no idea Eduphoria was useful beyond looking at STAAR data.

Teachers can create their own unit tests by copying and pasting questions from existing assessments in to Eduphoria. Tests can be created and shared with teammates, however, others cannot see other teacher data. Eduphoria is just another way teachers can collect useful information for the scope and sequence, lesson pacing, and student feedback. Teacher-created tests in Eduphoria can help drive team collaboration sessions, PLC conversations, and help to improve our curriculum. Plus, all of the information is stored and scored for you!

Visit the Eduphoria link to learn more about creating teacher tests in Eduphoria.

Using Your Campus Librarians

Testing and Education Reference Handout

Ms. Chase's Book Reviews

Ms. Sarah Chase is the librarian for Carroll Senior High School. Click the link to read some of her reviews.

Databases and Curriculum Support

Is your team discussing your next unit of study? Are you all looking for ways to engage students and amp up student activities? Say no more...your campus librarians are a great source of information for curriculum and instruction. They are more than willing to chip in and help, and would love to brainstorm with you and your teams!

New and exciting changes are coming to the Facts on File databases. Students have shied away from Facts on File in the past because the citations were Chicago formatted and needed to be manipulated. The citations for Facts on File will now be in MLA format!

Visit their campus sites below for support.

Carroll Middle School

Dawson Middle School

Carroll High School

Carroll Senior High School

Reference vs. Internet Search

The library resources are just as easy to use as the internet.
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