News letter

Socks For Seniors

Hello people of ICE N.E.H.S. This week is the last week to bring Socks for seniors.Hurry up!NEHS members if you have time come to the local Senior senter.Come and hangout with us.

Community Service Project

Come and join

On Wednesday we are wrapping the socks for seniors in Mrs.Purvis room. We will need a little extra help,not a lot but just enough. On Friday we will be going to Brookdale Plano retirement home. It is 12:30-1:30 on Friday, December 18th. Please have your parents bring you to Brookdale.

NEHS General Meeting

Wednesday, Dec. 16th 2015 at 7:30-8am

Indian Creek Mrs. Purvis' Room #154


-We will be wrapping gifts TOMORROW! Please bring your scissors, tape and ribbon in order to wrap the gifts!

-Vote on proposed activities.

New members

Please send $10 for membership fee by January 8th, the next NEHS meeting.

NEHS-General Meeting

Friday, Jan. 8th, 7:30-8am

Indian Creek Elementary

You will receive an order form for your t-shirts.

We will have tie dye print as voted submitted by Paris!