My wonderful sister

Emma's Virtues

My sister Emma is very sweet, caring, silly, loving, and one of a kind. Emma makes me smile and laugh, and if anything happens to our sweet bond i don't know what i'd do. No matter what happens to use we will stick together like fried chicken and Frank's sauce.

Emma's Vices

Sure she has a couple of vices, don't we all? She can be sarcastic (sometimes), hard headed, and sassy (lot's of it) but that's it the BIG three

Emma's Talents

Emma says she has no talent and can't figure out what her special traits are but she has many. Emma is great at the oboe (her band instrument), she loves cooking and can cook fantastically, she is the BEST SISTER EVER, and paints like a pro. If she can't see that she might as well be blind. (she also has a Beautiful heart and soul)

One of a kind

I'm so sorry but if your reading this there is no one else like her in the world, I wish there was but I've been searching for a friend like her FOREVER but NO ONE is this special to me.


If you like this smore you'll like her even more. A special thanks to my mom(Brooke) and my dad(David) for teaching us to see the best parts of life and live it to the fullest.


Emma if you see this smore I can't wait for your reaction, you are the best thing that happened to me and always will be. Let's keep our bond the same forever.