Dolphin Dispatch

Volume 20 - Monday, January 17th

Important Dates

December 1 - January 31: "Read Around the World" Reading Challenge

January 17: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 20: Regular School Board Meeting (4:30)

January 21: Math Challenge # 8 Avaialble

January 27: International Day of Commemoration

January 28: Make Up Day (for 11/12 closure)

February 1 - 28: Black History Month

February 1: Chinese New Year

February 2: Groundhog Day

February 14: Valentine's Day

February 21: President's Day

February 21 - 25: No School (Mid-Winter Break)

Check out our online calendar for more dates and details.


COVID-19 Safety at NHE - How Families Can Help

As you know, there has been a large increase in positive COVID-19 cases in our community due to the highly contagious Omicron variant. Staff is working hard to maintain mitigation measures at Newport Heights.

You can help by:

1. Send your child to school with at least two well-fitting masks. One to wear and one as a backup in case the other becomes soiled.

2. Keep your child home when sick. This is especially important given that more mild cases of COVID-19 can mimic common cold symptoms.

3. Inform the school if your child has tested positive for COVID-19 or has been a close contact to a positive case.

4. Opt-in for Weekly Pooled COVID-19 Testing for your child (read on for info about what this looks like.)


COVID-19 screening and diagnostic testing is happening at Newport Heights. More information can be found HERE on the BSD website.

Testing may only occur with parent consent. To participate you must opt-in for the COVID-19 testing by completing this COVID Testing Consent form.

  • Each Wednesday, students with parental consent take a COVID-19 PCR test. (Students swab their own noses.)
  • Each "pool" is about 5-15 testing samples, and this pool is tested for COVID-19 by an outside laboratory.
  • Results of any positive pools are typically received the next day.
  • If a pool comes back positive a diagnostic test is given to each student in the pool individually.
  • Students who test negative can return to class. Students who test positive will be sent home.

Find a Vaccine Near You

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for ages 5-11 is becoming available across King County, Washington state and nationally. Availability varies by location. Use the links below to find a COVID-19 vaccine clinic near you:

If your child is a patient of Allegro Pediatrics, please find out more here about their upcoming vaccine clinics:

If your child is a patient of Kaiser Permanente of Washington, please find out more here about their upcoming vaccine clinics:

If your child receives care via UW Medicine, you can learn more about how to schedule an appointment here:

You may also check with your local pharmacy to find out if they have COVID-19 vaccines for ages 5-11 available, and how to make an appointment.


Bellevue School District is Hiring

Immediate Openings for:

Substitute Teachers - Bacherlor's Degree or higher is required

Substitute Paraeducators - High School Diploma or equivalent is required

Substitute General School Assistants - High School Diploma or equivalent is required

Substitute Bus Drivers - High School Diploma, good driving record and CDL required


Volunteer Opportunities


Read Around the World Challenge December 1st through January 31st

Big picture

Read Around the World

Are you ready to go on an unforgettable journey from the comfort of your favorite reading chair? Experience every continent and the vastly different landscapes and cultures that make up our amazing planet.

For each region, you are welcome to choose any reading that you’d like - Poems, picture books, chapter books, audio books, fiction, all counts. You can read yourself or have someone else read the books to you. Books can be set in the region, about characters from the region or written/illustrated by people from the region.

Completed reading logs should be turned in to and any student who turns in at least one log will be entered into a drawing for a prize. (reading log does not need to be filled completely to qualify)

There will be two prizes given, one to the K-2 grade range and one to the 3-5 grade range.

Reading Log - List

Reading Log - Coloring



Membership & Fundraising Update

Membership Goal Status - 33%

Goal: Every NHE student is represented in PTA by at least

one important adult in their lives.

Status: Currently 33% of our students are represented. We are 1/4 of the way there!

Join Here

There is NO obligation or expectation to volunteer or attend meetings. (But we do LOVE to meet members and find fun opportunities for those that want to help!)

Membership assistance is available. We do not want funds to stand in the way of those that want to join. Please email to request a confidential scholarship.

Fundraiser Goal Status - 43%

Goal: $30,000 will fully fund our budget for the 2021-22 school year.

Status: We are 43% of the way to our goal.

Donate Here

And remember to ask your employers about their Corporate Match Plan. Many local employers will match the donation you make up to 100%!

Every dollar contributed to our Pass the Hat fundraiser goes directly to support the programs offered by the PTA. A donation of $100 covers our spending per student, but any amount is appreciated. Every dollar counts!

We are a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Our Tax ID number is 91-1208399.


FAMILY Connections - Ana Lewis

Hello Dolphin families!

Here is the link for 4/per household, free at-home COVID tests!

Also, if your family is unable to go out and get food due to COVID, United Way of King County is offering weekly emergency food delivery to qualified families. Click emergency food delivery for the form (available in multiple languages).

Have a nice week!


Counselor's Corner - Maggie Mosholder

I recently read this article that was a reminder that kids really want quality time with us. Their behaviors are actually “bids” for connection. According to the Gottman Institute, a “bid” is “when people reach out for attention, affirmation, affection, or any positive connection” and we as parents can “turn toward” our kids in these instances by conveying interest, love, and respect. By turning toward our children, we are actually building up their self-esteem, social competence and confidence, as well as their mood.

As we know, our children are being impacted by the changes in routine, social isolation and loneliness, increased screen time, and possible family stress, and our students may be making an increased number of “bids” for our attention. Sometimes these “bids” can be easy to miss because they may be as simple as idle chit chat, or be interpreted as whining, or even problem behavior.

An article published on Psychology Today describes three different “bids” that children may be making during this time:

The special one-on-one time bid” might sound like “Can I stay up late with you?” or “I want to cook just with Mom, not with my brothers!” With outing restrictions, overwork, and stress, it may be tough to carve out that special one on one time with each child, but it can be simple, or you can get creative – watch a movie, play catch or shoot hoops, or go for a hike. Even 10 minutes of quality time can be impactful.

The bid for positive feedback” might sound like “No wonder I can’t get this – I’m not good at math” or “I don’t have any friends”. These statements are a bid for positive feedback, and kids often say them to seek simple reassurance (although they can be an opening for a deeper conversation as well!)

And the “playful bid” might look like your child engaging in silly behaviors while doing homework, or your teenager teasing you about your cooking. Kids have an important need to laugh and connect through playfulness, and “research shows that social laughter is one of the most powerful ways we can connect with others.” This is a great opportunity for a lighthearted moment amid the heaviness of the pandemic and other stressors.

Your students have shown so much grit and perseverance as we finished up a very challenging and emotional first half of the year. Both you and your students deserve to take a big deep breath, check-in with yourselves and each other, and recharge before the new year.

Be well 😊


Maggie Halela-Mosholder & Masha O.

NHE school counselor & NHE school counseling practicum student



The Annual Family Engagement Survey is HERE!

The Bellevue School District’s Department of Family Engagement is hosting its annual Family Engagement Survey from January 4 to February 1, 2022. You should have received an email on Tuesday, January 4, 2022 with a survey link and instructions.

The purpose of the survey is to gather feedback from you, our families, around how our school informs, supports, and empowers you to contribute to your student’s success. Your valuable feedback is essential to the continuous improvement and advancement of the family engagement practices in our school community, and we thank you in advance, for your participation.

For more information, please visit: Family Engagement Survey

Access this message in Simplified Chinese and Spanish.


BSD is asking voters to consider renewing two school levies in February 2022.

One of these levies is the Educational Programs and Operations Levy. While the state provides some funding for our district, it is not enough to support our students’ needs. One critical position that is funded by the EP&O Levy is school nurses. The state funds just three full-time nurses for our entire district. Funding from the levy helps us employ 23 nurses districtwide to keep students healthy and safe. This levy also funds counselors and mental health supports and important programs like band, orchestra, and athletics. The EP&O Levy provides funding for critical staff and resources to ensure the wellbeing of our students and help them stay healthy and engaged.

More details about renewing the February 8, 2022 EP&O Levy as well as the Technology and Capital Projects levy are on the BSD School Levies page.


Notes from the Backpack podcast

Notes from the Backpack is a PTA podcast designed for parents, featuring real conversations with real parents, experts and educators who offer real-life advice, ideas and strategies parents can use to help their children succeed in and out of school.

Families in Transition: Lessons from the Military

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Newport Heights PTA

Newport Heights PTA is a volunteer-powered association of NHE families, staff, and community supporters, who act collectively on behalf of our children.

Our mission is to make every NHE student's potential a reality by promoting partnerships between home, school and community, engaging and empowering families and supporters to advocate for all children.