Oreo Cookie Activity

Plate boundaries with cookies


Transcendence (Orchestral Version) - Lindsey Stirling by R3M41N5


    -What are the difference between convergent, divergent and transform boundaries? What are their similarities?
    • Convergent boundaries collide creating folded mountains, divergent boundaries spread apart creating rifts or ridges. Transform boundaries create faults. All boundaries can form with continental plates and/or oceanic plates.

    -How many different types of convergent boundaries are there? What are they called and what are their characteristics?

    • Continental-Continental (Folded Mountains)
    • Continental-Oceanic (Subduction, volcanoes)
    • Oceanic-Oceanic (Island Arcs)

    -What occurs when there is a transform boundary?

    • Faults

    -What types of boundaries create mid-Atlantic ridges?

    • Divergent Boundary

    -Which types create mountains?

    • Convergent boundaries create folded mountains, the plates have equal or similar density so they collide and since they have equal force the plates move up.

    -Which types of plate boundaries do you think create earthquakes?

    • Transform boundaries, they push next to each other until they slip creating an earthquake.