Nuclear Winter

End of the world?

Nuclear winter is a potential threat that follows a nuclear war.

Firestorms from the detonations of so many nuclear devices would shoot soot and smoke into the Earth’s atmosphere that results in an anti-greenhouse. Meaning that sunlight won’t be able to reach the earth’s surface, resulting in a massive drop in climate, and killing most plant life. Temperatures could drop as low -25 degrees celsius, and last for as little as a couple months to at most a few years.

How The Chaos Happens

Disease would run rampant and countless numbers of dead bodies decompose and rot.

Massive amounts of radiation would be carried around the globe by winds, causing cancer and accelerated development of tumors. Due to such extreme conditions not many would survive because if you got sick it would be harder to stay warm and care for your body. Plus the lack of food and blood flow due to the cold weather would make it harder for your body to heal.
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This shows how decolate the world would be and how everything would be destroyed.