Salt and pools best friend.

Information about chlorine

  • It's symbol is:CL
  • It costs 15 cents for 100 grams
  • Atomic number:17
  • Atomic mass:35
  • Number of




  • melting point:-101 Celsius
  • Boiling point: -34.6 Celsius
  • Normal phase: GAS
  • Its a nonmetal

Interesting facts

  • The origin of its name was Khloros
  • This Element was discovered by Carl willhelm scheele in 1774
  • This element was discovered in 1774 but wasn't until sir humphry davy determined it to be an element
  • They use Chlorine as way to kill in world war 1
  • They use chlorine in salt
  • Chlorine gas is a yellow green color
  • Chlorine is the third most abundant element in the earths ocean
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