Performance Final

Sierra Flowers

Entry 1- Media Literacy

Sierra Flowers

What do I think media is? Everyone might say something a little different but pretty much all have the same idea of what media is. What I think media is, is the mass communication to people from people. Things such as the news or online news, radio, and social networks such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s pretty much a wide range of communication, and about getting the word out about things or personal things you want to share. You always have to be careful about the media also because when others are sharing your information, it can get twisted. Another problem is, once it’s out there, it’s usually out there for good and can always be found by someone. That is the scary problem with technology now a days. Information is always floating around, private or not. To me being media literate means having the knowledge of how to use or create media. Youth or young adults are more able to understand the concept and understand the complex message from media. Media has become such a big thing in our country that some schools now teach a class called media literacy to their students in 12th grade. I think it’s good to be media literate because alongside of learning new things and how to do things, you also learn the negative things about media and hopefully that can help some people keep the bad things about themselves or another out or off the media. Media literacy is an important thing in our generation today.

Entry 2- role social media plays

Sierra Flowers

As you go on the internet you come across many things. Some things motivational and powerful and other not so much. You see these things that come across your screen and you may act on it, such as retweeting or sharing it. But is this really making a difference or doing anything for the cause? That’s a question that many people don’t ask themselves when they think they’re “helping”. The attacks in Paris is something that happened more recently. Did social media play a big part in helping Paris during this time? I don’t believe so.

Soon right after the Paris attacks, Facebook added the colors of the French flag to profile pictures. You had the choice if you wanted to change it or not. Within a short amount of time, thousands changed their profile picture to “support” Paris. Research shows that posting support online associates people with the cause but makes them less likely to commit any resources. “Our research shows that if people are able to declare support for a charity publicly in social media, it can actually make them less likely to donate to the cause later on.” Google defines slacktivism as actions performed via the Internet in support of a political or social cause but regarded as requiring little time or involvement.

Entry 3- Fact checking

I know for myself I can honestly say I do not really double check my facts. When I read something online, I don't always believe it, I might google it and click on a few different pages and check and see if all the pages are saying along the same lines of things. But that is really only for stories about celebrities and such. When I google things for school or basic knowledge about something, I usually don't go past the first thing I read. It is really easy for my to just believe what the first page I read says. Especially when it is a known page such as wikipedia. I usually accept the truth when I have read it on a couple different pages. That is when I might bring it to attention and talk about it to someone. I often tend to believe the news and news articles off the first time I read them too. Now I have learned that even those can be wrong or bend the truth in some way.

Entry 4- Life of a prole

I think this reflects our society today because it's basically how most people's lives go. A everyday life of a normal person is growing up, going to school, then going to work. "To keep them in control was not difficult" to me is saying that they have made it so normal and typical of what you're suppose to do it hides what really might be the problem. The quote is also saying that it was so easy to control them. Basically they had no other way of doing things and listened so well to them and never thought twice about what they were being told to do. Things like beer or football and such distract people, it keeps them busy and happy for the time. I think social media does "control" us because it's easy for it to distract us from bigger problems. It covers up bigger problems that we have and I feel like it doesn't give us the full truth.

Entry 5- Failed Rebellions

The Cuban revolution was a lesser but still important revolution. The revolution began in July 1953 and ended by getting the president out on January 1959. Cuba was in a very poor state and the president Batista became strongly anti-communist. Some people did not like that and one guy, Fidel Castro went to the government wanting to overthrow him. His request got denied so he took it in his own hands to do something about it. He decided to launch an armed revolution against Batista, gathering around 1200 followers and stockpiling weapons. He called this "The Movement"

Entry 6- Edward Snowden and O'Brien

Edward Snowden and O'brien are alike in the ways that they both represent the "leader" of the revolution. Both of them worked for their own government, making it easy to find out things. By working for them they found out things the government was doing that they didn't like. Edward leaked top secret information about the government program he was working for. They are different because Snowden actually took action by leaking the articles, O'brien never did. O'Brien only represents an idea.

Entry 7- O'brien and winston: victim or villain

O’brien in my opinion is a villain for the government. He was on the governments side and was blinded by them. Not only was he on their side but he also worked with them, going against Winston. Keeping Winston captive and almost putting him in room 101(biggest fears) is a choice you have, if you want to be apart of that or not and he chose to be apart of that. Making him a villain. Winston is a victim of the government. He was against the government the whole time and even did things against them, such has having those thoughts, being in love with julia and even writing in the journal. He was taken and almost put up against his biggest fears until he finally came on the side of big brother. Throughout the book we new Winston as the guy against Big Brother and at the end, he was a victim.

Entry 8- Reflection 1

Looking back on some things I wrote and did in the class, my views have changed on somethings but not all. Looking at my first smore, my views haven't changed much from it. I still think media is the mass communication between people to people. You still have to be carful about what goes on the internet about you and what you believe from the internet. I learned a lot from this class. I learned what a precis is and how to write one. Starting from not having good sentences to having more in depth sentences with both textual evidence and my own words and opinion. I learned about dystopian societies and what they were. Coming into the class I did not know much about dystopian societies. I also learned and took away a lot from the book 1984. I liked how we read it together in the class and stopped and talked about different things and got more in depth into the book. It really helped me understand more about the book and things I didn't understand. I learned more about the media and how it can distort the truth. From this class I am taking away that you can not always believe what you see online/tv. A lot of things are twisted. I am also taking away some new things I learned about genes such as satire. This class was different from my other classes because we did more stuff on the computers and more things about media and such. It wasn't just all reading of short stories or books, and I liked that. We did more hands on things with media, such as the super bowl commercials and precis, also the CNN daily that we watched and kept up to date on what was going on in the world. I think what could make this class better was maybe some more grades to try and get our grades up if we need it. Everything else about the class was nicely done, in my opinion.

Entry 9- Reflection 2

I really think technology has come so far and will always keep growing, it is hard to say what we can do to not make this a permanent reality. I think it is really up to the person and what they do about it. It really can be as easy as putting your phone down. Setting time limits on your phone or a goal to limit how much you use your phone could help. Some people are so gone into it, there is nothing we can do for them but cut the source. If we really wanted to control it, we could do something such has not upgrading it anymore or taking away certain things we do on the phones, sorta like North Korea. The problem with that is, 1- they will never stop growing it because technology makes so much money and 2- if the government tried to control what we did with technology such has our phones and social media, there would be huge outbreaks, protest, and lawsuits. I believe for me personally I am not addicted to social media and I do believe it is something we can control. Social media isn't something that goes into our body and sets off a chemical reaction like most addictions. I think people can control it but the problem is they just don't want too. Some people don't like their lives and the way they escape their real lives is by going to their online lives. The addiction is as easy as putting your phone down, not using computers, distracting yourself with other things to do. I think one reason why people are addicted to social media is because they don't have anything else to do and they are bored. I know for me when I am bored I go on social media and do things online, but when I am out with my family or doing something that interests me, I don't even have a worry about my phone. You can use social media for good by using it mildly. I think social media sites and such are the real problem. Technology itself can be used for great things without becoming a slave to it. When you use it for something that is going to better you in some way, I think that is a good thing. For example, I am typing this on a computer and am going to put it on a website then later my teacher can see what time I turned it in and grade it online. That is helping me in the way of it is faster for me to do my work and get my performance final to my teacher without even seeing her.