Dominic Aragon

Music Education Major: Baldwin Wallace University

A bit about myself

My name is Dominic Aragon. I was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas (and yes, there are tornados, fields, and very few hills in most of the state), and I went to school in Goddard, Kansas (suburb of Wichita). Back home I lived with my mom who teaches fifth graders, my dad who is a clinical specialist for Cordis Exoseal, and my little brother who is now a sophomore in high school (he plays percussion and is loving the marimba). I also lived with our three cats: Sandy, Kit-Cat, and Puss-Cat. Up until sometime between my freshman and sophomore years in high school, I thought I wanted to become a doctor. I loved music, but I hadn't realized it was my passion. After making that realization, a handful of wonderful teachers and mentors helped me discover that teaching music would be the perfect outlet for my passions of music and helping others. This has led me here, Baldwin Wallace University, to pursue a degree in music education.

The Last Five Years (not by Jason Robert Brown)

Over the past five years, I've had a wide range of experiences with a lot of different people. These experiences have ranged from football to musicals, student council to music camps, and making art to working a part time job. I played baseball and football up through freshman year. I had taken part in student council since sixth grade, and I was honored to be the president of my student body in my senior year of high school. I started doing theatre in high school, and the main shows in which I participated were Annie Get Your Gun, The Diary of Anne Frank, Little Women the musical (I was actually in the pit for this one), and Fiddler On the Roof. I have participated in my local youth symphony, state honors ensembles, and a few summer camps with my cello. I also participated in my school's madrigal choir my senior year. About a year ago, I started working a part time job at Family Video. Through all the fray of rehearsals, studying, concerts, and shows, I had a great group of friends who made everything (even the hard times) more than worth while.
GHS Madrigals 'We Have No Other Help' Pavel Chesnokov
"Ne imami iniya pomoshchi (We Have No Other Help)" by Pavel Chesnokov - GHS Madrigals

A Handful of My Interests

I do actually have a few interests other than cello and conservatory life. I love books. Books about utopias and books about life after cataclysmic disasters are my favorite genres. I also like to watch movies. I definitely like dramas the most, but there are definitely lots of other movies I like pretty much everything (except for overly raunchy, emasculated, slap happy comedies). Listening to music is also something I do quite often. I listen to classical and indie/folk music the majority of the time. A few of my favorites are Elgar (he was the first classical composer I got into), I am crazy for Russian choral music, Prokofiev, Bon Iver, The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, Michael Buble, and Sara Berilles. I also enjoy listening to shows, and a few of my favorites are Chess, Next to Normal, and Memphis.
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - Official Trailer [HD]
A Single Man - Official Trailer [HD]
Sara Bareilles - Gravity (Stripped: Raw & Real)
  • Cockaigne Overture, Edward Elgar
  • Vo Pole Beriozonka Stoyala, Pavel Chesnokov
  • The Lumineers, The Lumineers

Cheltenham Festivals

Cockaigne Overture (Elgar) by Cheltenham Festivals

Koor De Stemming

Koor De Stemming - Vo pole beriozonka stoyala- Pavel Chesnokov by Koor De Stemming


The Lumineers album stream by DeccaRecords