Demo Plan

Marlese Caruso


May 12th

Time Of Demo


Description Of Activity

I will be leading the kids through morning circle time and explain the worksheet.


I have chosen this task to show you how the days tasks have all been turned over to me. I am allowed/trusted to manage as much of the day as I would like. I chose this task because it shows the variation of tasks that I am completing on a daily basis.

Details Of Activitiy In Steps

1. Circle Time

-Sing days of the week and talk about todays date

-Count the days on the calendar

-Follow the pattern of the numbers and add next number

-Sing month song

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2. Read Story

-Read story

-Discus any rhyming words

-Ask questions about book

-Ask favorite part

Big image

3. Worksheet

-Explain worksheet

-Answer questions

-Hand out worksheet

-Assist children if they need help with worksheet

-Mark and sort worksheet

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