Mrs. Reuter's Class Chronicles

October 10-14, 2016

Our Class

Language Arts

This week in Language Arts we we had two quizzes, one on "themselves vs. himself" and "singular vs. plural pronouns". We also worked on our personal narratives and our genre choice. We also uploaded our suspect sketches onto the app, Seesaw. We also did a simile, metaphor, personification, and adjective worksheet to practice using these techniques in our personl nearraitves. We did a dialogue practice, and had our spelling and vocabulary tests. We also learned about different types of endings we can use in narrative writing; a new beginning, dialogue, and more. Plus, we learned about time transitions and thought transitions. Finally, we have been doing our fratured fairytale literature circles all week! We can't wait for Language Arts on Monday!

By Kaycie & Rishi


In Science, we did an ice cream lab outside. We got to eat it after and it was delicious. The step by step recipe is: First, put the milk, vanilla or chocolate syrup, and sugar in a plastic bag. In a bigger bag put ice, rock salt, and the bag with the milk mixture. Then shake really hard and long. Then eat your ice cream. While we were enjoying our ice cream, we had a paper that we took observations on. There was also a backside where we had to answer questions. We observed very interesting changes in both the ice mixture and the milk mixture. The milk mixture changed from a liquid to a solid, while the salt dissolved the ice and the ice changed into a liquid.

By Mia & Mikey

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we have done a lot of things. We first started a new unit about Early and Native Americans. We learned about some early tribes called the Anasazi, the Mound Builders, and the Inuit. We also did some archaeologist work where we would have a picture, then we would analyze the artifact and try to decide what group it was from. We also learned about the three civilizations: the Mayans, the Aztecs, and the Incas. We compared and contrasted all three civilizations using a Venn diagram. Farther into social studies, Mrs. Reuter assigned us a tribe to do a report on. The tribes we are working on is our project for the next two weeks. This week we did all our research and next week will start working on our paragraphs. That is what we did for Social Studies this week.

By Taylor & Thuy


Art with Ms. Martucci

In Art, we made abstract art. To make our abstract art, we got to use cool circle templates. We also got to use rulers to make perfect straight lines. Ryan's looked liked an abstract machine that had something like a conveyor belt. It also had many big circles to make it look like there were big bubbles were floating around. I also had some weird things that looked like the machine got ambushed by Native Americans. We also got to listen to the famous "Fable Mable." It is a story about a haunted hotel room that is haunted by the old dead owner. If you take the “fable mable" five dollar bill, you will run out of the room at midnight. Art class was really fun this week!

By Ryan & Gabby

FIERCE with Ms. Johnson

In FIERCE, we talked about personal space and respect. We also talked about THINK which stands for is it true, helpful,inspiring, necessary and kind. We played games and we role played how to be a kind student and not to react to small things. We also role played when you have a problem, it is important to not embarrass the other person and talk it out with them without hurting their feelings. We learned strategies to prevent conflicts from getting physical. We all had a llittle trouble focusing in FIERCE, but after a while we finally calmed down and tried to focus. We had lots fun with Ms. Johnson!

By Eva

Media with Mr. Sanchez

We had Media on Monday. In Media, we designed a 3-part story using Scratch Jr. Scratch Jr. is an app where you can make projects using coding. It was fun because you can make whatever you want in it. You can make characters talk, move, and make them do whatever you want. We also talked about coding. One of the things we learned about coding was that the amount of people interested in coding is dropping. Everyone's story was very interesting. We had a lot of fun.

By Malini & Angel

Music with Mrs. Kim

This week in Music, we worked on the keyboard. We finished up our right hand packet. We also practiced playing "Ode to Joy". We took a piano test that consisted of "Ode to Joy" and a choice of part of a song. People who passed the test started on their left hand packet and practiced aura lee. Some of us spent some of recess doing our test.

By Cruz & Sydney

PE with Mr. Maxwell & Mr. Ussery

This week in PE we learned about respect and sportsmanship. We did these fun activities where we got into groups and we had to do team work projects. For one of the activities we had to have a partner and we had to cross our arms around each other and we put a basketball in the middle of us. We also did an activity with everyone in your group and we tried to get a hula hoop all the way across. On Tuesday, we did an activity where the PE instructors drew a picture that we had copy with pool noodles, doge ball, an hula hoops. At the beginning, we had to do warm ups and some of the exercises we did were butt kicks, lunges, high knees, and running. All the way through PE we did group "projects." We learned to always have good sportsmanship and to always be respectful to things and people.

By Sophie & Daphne

Spanish with Señorita Marquez

In Spanish, we got our test corrections back. All of us got As and Bs. We also talked about animals and what color they are. Example: The rabbit is small and brown = El conejo es pequeño y marron. That is a example of what we did in Spanish. Ms. Marquez wrote up sentences and we wrote them down in our notebook. We also would write down the Spanish way of saying it. We read out of our text book. We finished our shape lesson. We cut and glued the shapes and wrote a sentence about the color and shape. Example: Es un cuadrado. Es rojo.

By Talia

A Word from Mrs. Reuter

In our Monday Morning Meeting, we discussed our FIERCE theme of the week, "focusing" and our goal of "cutting back on screen time." We also watched a video clip highlighting some strategies to help us focus. In Language Arts, we started our fractured fairytale literature circles. The students are divided into six different groups with each group reading a different fractured fairytale. We will be tying in these literature circles into Writer's Workshop in a few weeks as the students begin writing their own fractured fairytales. Each day after meeting in their groups to discuss their fractured fairytales using depth and complexity icons, the students use their iPads to respond to a Padlet forum. Each Padlet focuses on applying a different reading strategy (summarizing, clarifying, predicting, decoding). In Writer's Workshop, we have continued to work on our personal narratives. This week we completed mini-lessons on utilizing figurative language and sensory details, including dialogue, and writing conclusions. We also continued with our grammar lessons by learning the difference between singular and plural pronouns and that hisself and theirselves are not words. In Science, we made ice cream in a bag as an entire 5th grade. The students wrote down key observtions and noted changes in the states of matter throughout the process. Next week, we will move into discussing chemical changes and how they differ from physical changes like those we observed in our ice cream lab. In Social Studies, we began our Tribe Reports by completing research for each of our five sections. Next week, we will start writing the paragraphs for our SMOREs. The students will also be receiving their log-ins to access their SMOREs at home as needed. Also in class we learned about some early tribes (Anasazi, Moun Builders, Inuit) and early civilzations (Maya, Aztecs, Inca). The students analyzed artifacts from the perspective of an archaeaologist and worked to record detailed observations about their artifacts. We also used a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the Mayans, Aztecs, and Incans. Lastly, the students selected one of the civilizations to research further and chose a method to represent their learning in our interactive notebooks.

Mrs. Reuter


  • Please remember that late assignments are 20% off and no name assignments are 10% off.
  • Missing work emails are sent home on Fridays.
  • Upcoming assessment dates and homework are listed on my wesbite and in my classroom. Students are also responsible for writing down homework and assessment dates and bringing home their agendas nightly.
  • Students are returned work throughout the week. The majority of these assignments can be redone and resubmitted for credit once. Please make sure you are reviewing your student's returned work with them.
  • The following major assignments have been returned this week:
    • Spelling & Vocabulary Tests
    • Topic 4 Test (Mrs. Reuter's Math Class)

Upcoming Dates

  • Tuesday, October 18: Lose vs. Loose Quiz
  • Wednesday, October 19: Lawrence Hall of Science On-Site Field Trip (wear long pants)
  • Wednesday, October 19: Chemical Changes Quiz
  • Thursday, October 20: Grammar Gremlins Review Test 3
  • Monday, October 24: UC Davis Field Trip (wear class color t-shirt & bring sack lunch)
  • Friday, October 28: Tribe Report due (will be assigned next week)

Field Trips

We now have dates (not times) for several of our field trips. Please note these are subject to change (but not likely). If you are interested in chaperoning a particular field trip please let me know.

  • Wednesday, October 19: Lawrence Hall of Science (on-site: no chaperones needed)
  • Monday, October 24: UC Davis Department of Anthropology
    • Reuter Chaperone 1: __________
    • Reuter Chaperone 2: __________
  • Friday, December 16: Robin Hood at B Street Theater
    • Reuter Chaperone 1: Tallie Pagano
    • Reuter Chaperone 2: __________
  • Monday, January 23: Mission to Mars
    • Mrs. Laudato's class & half of Mrs. Reuter's class
    • Reuter Chaperone: __________
  • Friday, February 10: Mission to Mars
    • Mrs. Neu's class & half of Mrs. Reuter's class
      • Reuter Chaperone: Tallie Pagano
  • Monday-Tuesday, February 6-7: Age of Sail Overnight
    • Mrs. Neu's class & half of Mrs. Reuter's class
      • Reuter Chaperone 1: __________
      • Reuter Chaperone 2: __________
  • Tuesday-Wednesday, February 7-8: Age of Sail Overnight
    • Mrs. Laudato's class & half of Mrs. Reuter's class
      • Reuter Chaperone 1: __________
      • Reuter Chaperone 2: __________
  • Wednesday, April 19: Fog Willow Farms
    • Reuter Chaperone 1: __________
    • Reuter Chaperone 2: __________

Parents: Try it out!

On Monday, we made ice cream in bags to demonstrate the effect salt and ice has on a liquid milk mixture. We discovered that adding salt to water lowers the melting and freezing points of the water. In our ice cream in a bag demonstration, we observed this in action as our ice melted while our milk mixture froze into ice cream. Try it out at home!
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This year our weekly Friday newsletter will be written by the students as they summarize and report out on their weekly learning.