Almost Perfect

lesson learned

It was a bright day in Orlando and my family and I was on our way to Universal Studios. For people that don’t know what that is it’s a production that produce nickelodeon, Disney DreamWorks, etc. But I could tell it was going to be a good day because my mother had a smile as bright as the sun on her face and she was ready to start the day off good.

So we finally arrived to Universal Studios. When we walk in I could hear the water splashing on the rides, taste the grilled food on my tongue, smell the animals in their cages but which I didn’t want to smell, and I could see and feel the light summer breeze hitting my face and trees. So finally we buy our bracelets and I get on my first of the day. But it was a indoor ride for Dream Work movies and I figured it was a good ride for me and my little brothers. My little brother was 3 and 6 and I could tell they were excited by the smiles on their faces.

We are buckling our belts so we can be secured and safe on the ride .My little brother Cimeyon whose 4 years old was scared how the ride started off with the big dinosaurs. But overall he liked the ride and wanted to go again but it was my turn to pick a ride to go to. So I picked this big water slide that slide you to a big pool and the slide was enormous and real long. I went by myself and notice that I’m only 12years old and might be scared to ride but at the same time I didn’t want to waste my mothers money not doing anything so I rode it. But I rode the slide face first and should’ve regretted doing. So let me remind you the slide is mad longggggg! So it took like a minute to get to the end. I tried to turn around while going down and it quite didn’t work out, so I the slide is coming to a end and I’m half way turned around and I all of a sudden I see myself going in the air, so I was better of going face first. And all of a sudden my body hits the water and my body started burning because of how hard my body hit the water. So I’m finally done with the ride and I tell the man that runs the ride and he said I rode it the right way the first time going down. So now I know that if I go down a slide I will pay attention and make sure before I do something reckless, so my lesson is learned.