By: Madeleine NeSmith

The Largest Sea Urchin

The red sea urchin is the largest sea urchin in the world. The spines help let them camoulflage and their shell kind of hurts the animal that is eating the sea urchin.


Sea urchins have 5 teeth witch they eat with. Their right in the center of the bottom of the sea urchin(really on the other side of it.)

Purple Sea Urchin

The purple sea urchin can live up to about 30 years.

My Opinion

I picked sea urchins because when I saw sea urchins the first time I already knew they were new. You want to know why... THEIR SHELL! They look really cool and they are and also I saw that a sea urchin can flip in your hands!!
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Do you know what eats a sea urchin? Well, I don't think you do because over fished snappers do and sea otters. The reason I said that is because I don't think you thought of otters and snappers!
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