Bobcat Tracks

South Junior High May 2017 Newsletter

Bobcat Tracks

This publication features information about upcoming events, student achievements, and extracurricular activities taking place at South Junior High and in the surrounding community. Our goal is to maintain this newsletter as a resource and method of communication between the school, our students’ parents, and South community. Bobcat Tracks will be distributed via parent and staff email and will be available on the South website for students, parents, and community members to view.

South Junior High's Annual Spring Fling

Friday, May 5th, 5-7pm

3101 Cassia Street

Boise, ID

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Cheer Try Outs

Monday, May 8th, 3:30pm to Wednesday, May 10th, 5:30pm

3101 Cassia Street

Boise, ID

Cheer try outs! May 8th through the 10th from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Contact Ms. Rowe at for more information!

South Food Pantry

South Junior High Builder's Club has sponsored a food pantry at South Junior High School.

Many of the families in our South community cannot afford to feed themselves on a daily basis. The South Food Pantry provides food to students and their families at no cost and at a location in the community. The pantry is located on the South entrance of the school.

Please talk to your student(s) about the importance of being a respectful and responsible citizens and community members as they interact with the food pantry and those who access it. The food pantry is a resource for those who need food to survive and is not intended for snacks for students who did not plan ahead.

Movie Night Fundraiser for South's Paw Pantry

Friday, May 19th, 6:30-8:30pm

3101 Cassia Street

Boise, ID

South's Builders Club presents a Movie Night Fundraiser featuring

Gremlins by Steven Spielberg

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Future Cities

The Future City Team researches and designs a virtual and model city each year. We have an awesome time exploring and designing the future. The team is only open to 6-8 graders to participate as active members, with 9th graders as mentors. This spring and next fall we will also be exploring innovative ideas in aviation as part of our STEM plan to see the Gowen Thunder Air Show, October 13 as a team field trip. If you have students interested in engineering or just exploring the world around then, please send them to see Aaron McKinnon, the team advisor, in room 113. He can be reached at or 208-854-6150. Further information will be provided in the Fall of 2017, as school starts. Also, if you want to share the link to the Aviation Inquiry Project, "Return of the X-Plane", you may!
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Math Adventures at South!

8th and 9th grade students in Integrated II Geometry course have been graphing stories this spring. They’ve been investigating quadratic functions and the parabolic paths of flying objects, and have finally gotten a chance to throw things around in math class (or outside) while recording video evidence of this remarkable behavior. Using the fantastic and free graphing calculator available to anyone with internet, they wrote stories, created graphs and wrote piece-wise functions for their flying objects. So, the next time you’re tossing that football around, ask these awesome students to help you record its flight path on!

Team Day Award Winners April 2017 - Curiosity

Olympian Team- Students of the Month- April 2017

Students Must Be Prepared to Learn

Research shows the following 5 factors are crucial to academic success:

1. Sleep - 8 hours a night is best for brain processing and restoring energy. “Loss of sleep hurts attention, executive function, working memory, mood, quantitative skills, logical reasoning, and even motor dexterity.”

2. Exercise - Exercise is crucial. It increases blood flow and strengthens neurons in the brain. Daily exercise is the best, but aerobic exercise least twice a week is crucial.

3. Stress - Brains are built to deal with stress that lasts for 30 seconds. Stress damages memory and can hurt your motor skills and immune system. The emotional stability of the home is the single greatest predictor of academic success.

4. Diet and Hydration - Brain food is key. Kids need a variety of nutrients regularly and to stay hydrated.

Excess sugar, especially processed, should be avoided in order to maximize consistent energy on a daily basis.

5. Screen Time - Screen time should be limited prior to bedtime. No games or devices in the sleeping space!

*Much of the info above comes from John Medina’s book Brain Rules.

End of Course Examinations- Early Release Days

Wednesday, May 31st, 8am to Friday, June 2nd, 12pm

3101 Cassia Street

Boise, ID

South Junior High students will be completing End of Course Examinations or EOCs on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday - May 31st to June 2nd.

During this week school will release at:

  • May 31st at 1:15 pm
  • June 1st at 1:15 pm
  • June 2nd at 12:00 pm