Alaska Native Cultural Charter

April 2022

Waqaa ANCCS Families!

Upcoming Events


  • 4/1: Science Fair Award Presentations at MCC Family Night

  • 4/5: AK Star Testing for ELA for grades 3-8th

  • 4/6: AK Star Testing for Math for grades 3-8th

  • 4/7: AK Star Testing for Science for grades 5th and 8th

  • 4/11-4/15: AK Star make-up testing


  • 5/12: Dome Field Trip Kindergarten-4th Grade (more information coming soon)
  • 5/13: Dome Field Trip 5th - 8th (more information coming soon)
  • 5/18 Last Day of School

* Instructional Coach Update *

Click the link below to be directed to links containing quick guides for accessing the AK STAR tutorial and practice tests. The answer keys and rubrics for each grade and content area are included for practicing at home.

Here is the schedule for AK Star testing:

  • April 5th all students in grades 3-8th will take the ELA test
  • April 6th all students in grades 3-8th will take the Math test
  • April 7th all students in grades 5th and 8th will take the Science test
  • Make-up testing will be from April 11th-15th

Here is the schedule for MAP and Fastbridge Testing:

April 19- MAP Testing (ELA) grades 3-8th

April 20- MAP Testing (Math) grades 3-8th

April 27- Fastbridge Testing K-3rd

Please help prepare your child for end of the year testing by encouraging them to take their time and show their best work. It is important for students to get a good night's rest and arrive on time.

Also please let the office know if your student is planning on being absent for any testing days so we can plan for the testing make-up days.

Check out these tips below for successful testing:

Big picture

Please remember to bring a water bottle to school!

We are out of water bottles and we do not have any cups to give out to students to use at school. Please remind your student to bring their own water bottle to school. Thank you!

Help us with our Fundraiser!

Keep your eye out for a pre-order form for Indian tacos at dismissal

  • The week of 4/4 - 4/8 is Indian taco week, with tacos on Friday.

Registration Information for the 2022-23 School Year:

Click below for information about Elementary Registration:

Click below for information about Secondary Registration:

The Pre-K Lottery is open for the 2022-23 School Year! Click the link below!

Attendance Goal

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Attendance matters and we need your help ending this year. A few absences every month can add up to weeks of lost learning. Missing school, whether for excused or unexcused reasons, disrupt a student’s education.

Gottfried, M.A. & Hutt, E.L., ed. (2019) Absent from school: Understanding and addressing student absenteeism. Harvard Education Press.

ASD Goal: Every student will attend school at least 90 percent of the time.

Below is a screenshot of the current attendance numbers for this school year and previous years.

We are at 55% for attendance for March.

Help us get up to 90%! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help with your student's attendance! We understand that sometimes they need to be out due to personal circumstances or because of an illness, but it is important they are in school every day!

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* Nurse Corner *

Hello ANCCS families,

I wanted to share again, where you can find total active Covid cases within the district and choose our school specifically. As I have checked numbers over the past 2 weeks, ASD has been running 45-85 active cases in a day. Our school specifically has had 1-2 active covid cases each of the last couple of weeks. Masks remain the parent's choice. UNLESS you have had a positive Covid test and remain home on days 0-5 of your infection, then wearing a mask is mandatory for days 6-10 at school unless eating. ASD remains symptom-free. We know there are other viruses and soon seasonal allergies will add to these symptoms. We are still having to rule out Covid first with a molecular test (not an at-home test). If the test is negative, there has been no fever for 24 hours, symptoms are improving, symptoms can continue to linger, and students can be in school.

Spring allergies are coming. Here is how ASD Covid protocol affects those spring sniffles, sore throats, and congestion. At the onset of symptoms, we still have to test to rule out Covid. Once Covid is ruled out, those symptoms can continue throughout the rest of the 4th quarter without being sent home from school. If your student usually takes daily allergy medication in the spring, this is a great time to look at starting those and keep those away.

* Library Update *

Family Media Agreement for Internet Use at Home

Hello ANCCS Families,

Digital citizenship is a great topic for families to talk about with all the online resources we have today. I have included a link and QR code for a "Family Media Agreement" you can use with your children to establish some family rules for internet use.

From your ANCCS Librarian (Miss Cole)

AK S.T.A.R Information

STAR (Standing Together Against Rape) of Alaska will come in and do individual classroom presentations the week of May 2nd. Each class will have a 40-60 min, age-appropriate presentation for their grade. Prek – 6th-grade presentations are focused on Safe touches. 7th and 8th-grade presentations will discuss sexual assault and consent, as well as healthy relationships, refusal skills, and setting boundaries.

These presentations are ASD approved and are meant to supplement the Great Body Shop health curriculum. A certified teacher will be present for each presentation. These presentations will be done in the library with our librarian teacher Ms. Cole. If you would prefer to be present when the presentation is scheduled for your child please contact the office.

Alaska Safe Children's Act Information

All classes will be receiving age-appropriate lessons on child sexual abuse and assault prevention education as required under the state’s Alaska Safe Children’s Act (Erin’s Law).

Erin’s Law Education is comprised of quarterly grade level lessons will be taught during the Health classes by each classroom teacher. Combined, these lessons meet the full requirements for student training under the Alaska Safe Children’s Act, Erin’s Law, and are designed to help prevent childhood sexual abuse. These lessons will be presented in a non-threatening way, along with the skills needed for self-protection and will be handled in a sensitive, respectful manner.

If you have any questions about the content of the program please take a look at the website, Alaska Safe Children’s Act (Erin’s Law) or if you wish to inquire about opting out, please contact our office. Thank you for partnering with us as we continue to provide learning opportunities to improve the safety and wellbeing of our students.

SAEBRS Screening information

Just a reminder that we are in the Spring screening window for our school-wide behavior screener called SAEBRS (social, academic, emotional, behavior, risk screener). The teacher rating scale is used to assess various risk factors for each student in their classroom to determine students as risk for behavior. The screening will be used to help us look at the effectiveness of our schoolwide and classroom structures as well as what additional supports that students might need. This screening is completed by teachers and will not take away from instructional time nor require input/answers from students. If you have any questions, please contact the school’s administrator.

ANCCS Photo Gallery!

Mrs. Kaganak's Yupik Classes:

APC Information

Waqaa ANCCS Families,

My name is Manuel (Manny) Acuna, President of the Alaska Native Cultural Charter School (ANCCS) Academic Policy Committee (APC). I’m humbled and honored to be able to serve as the next APC President. A huge quyana to Daryl Griggs for his time, effort, and dedication as President of the APC this last year. Much was accomplished and we have big plans coming for the ANCCS family. The ANCCS APC is happy to share the following updates!

The most recent contract with Matt Thorpe at the 550 Bragaw location has been terminated. A new contract is in works with Pacific Northern Academy (current owners of the 550 Bragaw location) and we are waiting on a proposal. We are also branching out and asking for ANCCS “champions” to many different Alaska Native Organizations.

The groundwork for building a new school for ANCCS is in its beginning stages. A collaboration with Alaska Pacific University (APU) and a group of potential investors, is helping to make this dream a reality. More updates will be provided as this moves forward. This project is years in the making though, so the APC’s top priority right now is to find a healthy and safe environment for the students and staff of ANCCS.

Great news! ANCCS was recently chosen to be a beneficiary for the “38th Annual CIRI Golf Classic”. This is an annual charitable event that benefits worthy programs focusing on youth and education. More information on the event can be found here,

APC board elections took place:

o Ronni Weddleton – Community member seat

o Pamela Dupras – Staff member seat

o Stephen DeVeny – Parent seat

o Caroline Wiseman – Staff seat

Thank you, Melissa Kahler-Afelin, for your amazing dedication and hard work during your 2 years as the APC Secretary. The APC board will miss you! Another huge thank you to Heidi Olsen, for your many years of service and commitment to the APC board. You will be missed!

APC board officer elections took place:

o Manny Acuna – President

o Elizabeth Hancock - Vice President

o Dawson Hoover - Treasurer

o Pamela Dupras – Secretary

There is still one vacant parent seat on the APC board that needs to be filled. If interested in applying, please go to The APC will continue to hold weekly regular meetings (every Tuesday evening) until a building is secured. All are welcome and ideas are appreciated.

Friends of ANCCS is hosting the “Brick by Brick” fundraising event. It’s scheduled for Friday, May 6th, 5 – 10 pm, at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. The APC in collaboration with Friends of ANCCS, have been aggressively fundraising towards our building capital campaign. Here’s a list of highlights:

o A web page,, has been created for the “Brick by Brick” fundraiser event. Event details, tickets, silent and live auction items, subscriptions, and much more can be found there. We will be continually adding auction items and updating the site as donations are received.

o Our non-profit organization, Friends of ANCCS, has a new web page up and running. If interested in knowing what they and the Fundraising Subcommittee are up to and what they have planned, please visit the website at

o A flyer has been drafted for the “Brick by Brick” event and will be posted on social media and other platforms very soon.

o Dan Newman from Alaska Premier Auctions is now ANCCS’ fundraising consultant. He will also be auctioneering and emceeing at the May 6th event and future fundraising events to come.

o We need auction items! Our goal is to have at least 100 silent auction items and at least 5 live auction items. All donations are much appreciated and will go towards ANCCS’ building capital campaign. If you are interested in helping us reach our fundraising goals, please visit the ANCCS website under the donations tab, and leave a message.

Fundraising is an essential part of any Charter School and that’s why the APC needs our families more than ever. Having our children enrolled in the ANCCS program offers a unique opportunity in cultural learning that requires commitment. I need parents and guardians to step up and either donate and/or volunteer. 100% participation is essential to the success and mission of this school. I implore all of you to make a stand now and join us on the journey to ANCCS’s victory. If interested in making a difference, please go to, and email the APC board.

We appreciate your trust in the APC when it comes to the learning and development of your child while adhering to our Cultural Values. I cannot stress enough how important your participation and ideas are to the success of our students and school.

About the ANCCS APC: The ANCCS APC is the primary governing body designated to hold the principal accountable for budgets, test scoring, and curriculum with an underline focus on meeting our Alaska Native Cultural Values objective.

Join the ANCCS APC: Any interested parent or community member is welcomed to inquire about how to join the APC through the election process and attend all meetings – we give plenty of notice prior to any meeting and we would value your involvement.

For more information about the ANCCS APC, please visit our website at


Thank you to our Business Partners!

  • Alaska Native Heritage Center
  • NOVO Foundation

School Board Members:

  • Superintendent: Dr. Deena Bishop
  • President: Margo Bellamy
  • Vice President: Andy Holleman
  • Treasurer: Kelly Lessens
  • Clerk: Carl Jacobs
  • Seat C: Dave Donley
  • Seat E: Pat Higgins
  • Seat F: Dora Wilson

Please let us know if you have any questions! 742-1370 Quyana