Data Protection

Stay safe, even if it is boring...

How you are protected in everyday online life:

Creating an online account...

Every time you input personal details about yourself to create an online account, they are overtly taking your information and keeping it, this information has to be kept safe from hackers and people who try to commit fraud websites use "cookies" to trace what information you receive and send to the websites server, this is then saved and backed up, often the information is encrypted so that any external sources cannot view the information.

You have the right to ask a company for knowledge of all information stored about you and have the right to change any of it if you can prove it is relevant.

What could potentially happen to your valuable data?

Cookies, Worms and Viruses:

Cookies can help websites and companies to give you the most relevant information on their webpages, however some Cookies are designed specifically to record and relay back all the data that you enter into a website, giving whoever has access to the Cookie all your information and the potential of stealing money from your bank account, or even impersonating you.

Worms, are found in the ground, but if a online worm gets onto your computer, it will slowly search through all of your potentially important files, until it finds the information it was programmed to find, then it will relay that back to the publisher of this Virus.

There are MORE ways to get your information?

YES! there are plenty of other ways that a hacker could obtain your information,

But don't worry everyone! Stop Panicking!!!

We have defenses of our own, we have Firewalls, Virus Detectors and Removers and SET (Secure Online Transactions) Firewalls stop harmful software from entering your device and save you from an average of 86% of potential virus attacks, useful stuff.