A Blast to the past!

The History of The Franks...

The Franks.....

The name "Frank" is closely connected to the word that means "free" or "fierce" in the Frankish language.

Who Were The Franks?

The Franks, were a confederation of Germanic tribe who soon became the French. They come from the lower and middle Rhine.

The History behind the Franks...

The Franks provided a dynasty called, the Merovingian, which can be seen as the first royal house of France, founded by Clovis I. The Franks then moved into Roman land around 253, then established themselves in two groups, the Riparian and Salina. The Roman emperor Julian in 358 conquered the Salinas. Clovis's reign was a turning point in European history, which established two counts: The great establishment of the barbarian kingdom and his adoption of Roman Catholic Christianity. The Franks successfully drives the Visigoths from the southwest under Clovis. By 507 almost all of France is under his realm. The Franks continues to conquer land and Clovis ends up making his capital in Paris. The Franks defeated the Visigoths and Burgundians. Clovis then commissions the Salic Law. After Clovis death this territories were divided among his four sons.
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What was the purpose?

The Franks were trying to help restore and preserve much of the Roman imperial cultural and its institutions, because the of the falling of the Roman empire from other invaders.

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Fun Facts...

~The most successful and largest Germanic Tribe.~Consisted just about 1 million people.~Were defeated by the Alans.~Usually sided with the Roman armies when fighting against other Germanic Tribes.~Converted to Christians