Chandra X-Ray Observatory


The Chandra X-Ray Observatory is located in space. It actually orbits about 200 miles above the Hubble Telescope, and the distance it orbits is equal to more than 1/3 of the way to the moon

Electromagnetic Spectrum

The telescope captures X-Rays, and is the first and most advanced telescope of its kind to do so.

How It Works

The Chandra X-Ray observatory is 45 ft. long, containing 4 pairs of precisely crafted mirrors off of which the captured X-Ray photons ricochet.

Chandra's Discoveries

Location advantages

Located in space, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory has no light or atmosphere pollution to distort or affect the images it produces

Changes being made to Chandra

Rather than being technologically improved, Chandra has actually been altered for reduced costs. NASA reduced the amount of mirrors within the structure to help with the extreme cost of maintaining the observatory.


The Chandra X-Ray center, located in Massachusetts, directs flight and receives and distributes the data from the observatory.