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Volumen 13, Edicion 19 - Abril 17, 2020

Minutos de Mrs. Hutchins

Immersion Education – Teaching academic content in another language

Hello Fronteras Families!

We hope everyone is staying healthy and finding fun ways to pass this time at home together! We miss seeing you and being able to offer a handshake or hug; whichever was needed. While this is a difficult time for everyone, we are focusing on the fact that we will be back together eventually, and pick up where we left off - greeting at the front door and high-fiving at dismissal!

I want to say thank you for all of the questions, feedback, and suggestions we’ve received up to this point. In many cases, they have helped us make adjustments that have been beneficial for the whole.

A couple items of importance: ZOOM Meetings – there is now a master list of all K-8 scheduled ZOOM meetings attached to each homeroom teacher. So no matter which teacher you click on, you will find the school-wide schedule. We are hopeful a master list will be helpful and bring clarity. Homeroom teachers will be sending out a secure link in their next communication to you that will give you access to the master list. The secure link is a necessary safety step. A recommendation:

· Using a calendar or planner, students (parent for young ones) pull up the master list

· Record on the calendar each meeting that applies to them

· Highlight the REQUIRED meetings as priority

· Circle or otherwise mark the optional meetings

· Erase the excess meetings that cannot be attended due to a conflict or other responsibilities

Our Annual Enrollment Lottery will take place Tuesday, April 28th at 5:00pm. Due to mandates in place, the lottery will not be public this year. Reese Everett, Executive Director of Instruction, will draw student names, and APC Chair, Jen Manion, and myself, will be present. We hope to record the lottery and post to our website.

Remote Learning Website for Families! Please check out the parent/student MSBSD Remote Learning page on the District website. There, you will find a calendar of trainings for Google Classroom, internet safety/digital citizenship, student learning checklists, and online learning tools organized by grade level.

Keep sending photos to Miss Kami showing how Fronteras Phoenix kiddos are succeeding at remote learning!

Please continue to check our website and the district website for MSBSD updates.

Let us know what we can do!

Take care and stay in touch!

Most Sincerely,

Mrs. Hutchins

Every child is a different kind of flower; and all together make this world a beautiful garden.

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School Pick-Up Schedule

Do you need to pick up your child's belongings, laptop, sleds or drop off library books? Staff will be available at the school every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00am to 12:00pm until further notice! A reminder will also be posted on the Facebook Private Parent Page!

A Word from the Specials Teachers!

Hola Fronteras Families,

We have all enjoyed the time you are taking to send us the beautiful pictures and videos of your artistic, musical and athletic endeavors. Thank you for making the time for specials subjects, too. Studies show that art, music and physical activity are very beneficial to optimal health and well-being. Some of the benefits include:

  • Better mood and help manage stress
  • Promote prevention of disease and build immunity
  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Better sleep
  • Brain boost with enhanced memory and cognitive functions

We will continue to share new lessons each Monday and request student responses on Fridays. Our preferred digital platform is Google Classroom K-8 to submit assignments. However we also want to be flexible and sensitive to everyone’s unique needs during this unprecedented time and we will accept responses on Classroom Dojo or our emails as well. Please contact us if you have any questions or need further support.




Grading for Specials Rubric for Distance Learning:

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Volunteer Hours!

All volunteer hours are waived for the remainder of the school year!

K-2 Spanish Spelling Bee Canceled!

Hello Parents, Students, and Teachers,

Due to the restraints of proximity, time, and structure of remote learning, we have made the decision to cancel this year’s K-2 Spanish Spelling Bee. However, continuing to practice is always a great idea!

Thank you for understanding!

Language Acquisition Tutors

Sra. Francisco & Sr. Pantoja

Need Internet?

United Way wants to help families get internet! Please contact Jason Ortiz at 745-5822 or email at


I contacted the person I work with at Subway and requested a refund for the parents that paid for subway for the remainder of March. He is contacting the main office and I will let everyone know as soon as I find out when the money will be reimbursed. Thank you for your patience!

Misty Adams

Communication is Key!

If you are not receiving communications such as Amigos messages or the bi-weekly Phoenix Flyer newsletter, please send Kami an email at and she''ll get you added! The newsletter is also posted on the Fronteras website and the private Parents Page on Facebook. For active Facebook users there is a private Parents Page that is kept up to date daily with current information. Please also check with your child's teacher about being connected with Class DoJo!
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What does remote learning look like? Fronteras families are rockin' it!