February 15 - 19, 2016

Good Things!


Capturing Kids' Hearts really started off our year right, and we need to keep those strategies to the forefront of our thinking. We must take care of our own needs so that we have the energy to do all that we must do to ensure that students are making progress both academically and emotionally.

This past week my encounter with the following images and stories have helped me to find the point where I can reframe.

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The Empty Pickle Jar—A Lesson On Life
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Laughter is the best medicine!

...Especially when we can truly relate! See the intervention below in the Box Tops post.

Examples That Inspire

I stumbled upon the above Vlog, "The Frey Life." The Freys are a young married couple with a hard road. Mary has cystic fibrosis. I watched this first video and was hooked. I found myself in awe of their gratitude to God for all things. Sometimes we need to see a picture of true courage and positivity in juxtaposition to our own circumstances and attitude to inspire a wake-up call to reflect and reframe. In case you are interested in watching more of their videos, you can find them by clicking here.

I Have a Dream!

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When I Am 100 Years Old....

A smile is just a few steps away!

If you want to have a few laughs, peruse the writings of 1st and 2nd graders in the hallways. These all made me smile!

The Weekly Scoop (and other informational items)

Parties and Field Trips

If a student receives a disciplinary action as part of the Progressive Discipline Plan, (ISS or suspension have prevented students from participating in parties in the past.), it is a natural consequence that I can justify well to the DOJ and to parents. If you choose to use a party (or other special event) as part of your own classroom management, I can support that if you have notified parents in advance and they are on board with the possible loss of the activity to mold a student's choices. Last year I had to call an SRO officer to school to help me manage an irate parent whose child missed an event and the teacher had not had a prior conversation with the parent nor developed a mutual understanding with her about the consequence. If you do not have parental support, choose a different consequence.

Field trips are considered an extension of the classroom, and they are an important part of student learning. If you have a child that you think will be a danger to himself or to others on a field trip, start a face-to-face dialogue with that parent now. Share the concerns with the parent, have documentation to back up your concerns, and explain that the only way you think this student will be successful and safe on the field trip is if the parent or a guardian accompanies the child. With advanced notice, parents have time to make arrangements to miss work and chaperone their child on the field trip. I had to do that one year with a student we took to Camp Gilmont for 3 nights and 4 days of Outdoor School. The dad became one of the chaperones. Sometimes the most troublesome kids in a classroom benefit the most from a field trip, but the teacher may need to bring along additional supervision in the way of a guardian or available school personnel. Last year Mrs. Crane got some help from other parents and grandparents to help keep an eye on a few of her "lovelies," and as I recall, the field trip was a success for all. Please keep me informed if you are having these kinds of conversations with any of your parents.

The Weekly Scoop - What's Ahead!

Keep a daily eye on the JMQ Google Calendar - Events change and are added all the time!

The detail of my schedule and much more information is on Pam's Bulletin.

Monday, 2/15/16

Tuesday, 2/16/16

  • 3:00 Nurse Tutt meeting at high school
  • 6:00 PM PTA Meeting - We have some brand new board members with forward thinking ideas! Come be a part of the gathering to support the students and share the teachers' perspective as we gather support for PTA!

Wednesday, 2/17/16

  • 3:20 Faculty Meeting - Short meeting for whole faculty, a little longer for STAAR free materials for 3-5. Sue Northrup is coming from Richardson. She visited with me this week and I invited her to return.
Thursday, 2/18/16
  • 2:00 Lynn off campus
  • 4:00 PTA Board Meeting
Friday, 2/19/16
  • End of Six Weeks

Monday, 2/22/16

  • 1:30 K-2 - Fundraiser Kick-off in Cafeteria
  • 2:00 - 3-5 Fundraiser Kick-off in Gym
  • 6 PM 5th Grade STAAR Informational Meeting for Parents

Tuesday, 2/23/16

  • 9:00 Principal's Meeting
  • K-2 CAFE Training - Patsy Ramirez

Wednesday, 2/24/16

  • 3:30 K-2 Faculty Presentation by Siler and Silverman - Cafeteria

Thursday, 2/25/16

  • 6 PM 4th Grade STAAR Informational Night for Parents

Friday, 2/26/16

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YES! Collect BOX TOPS Instead of Spending Your Own Money!

The deadlines for Box Tops collection is Friday, Feb. 19th. This will complete the 2015-2016 submissions. Karen Tutt will mail them to BoxTops for Education by March 01st and the check should arrive mid April.
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Professional Development

The Learning Pyramid

The Learning Pyramid, supported by research, shows that different teaching methods yield different learning outcomes. You have probably heard before that if you can teach something you know it well. Look at students' retention rates with passive instruction versus active participation. The 90 Minute Math Block packet you have from Barbara Briley is based on this research.

When Stacey Grant was here on Friday, she talked to us a little about learning theory. Most of you have seen this before, but I think it is important to look at it again. Self-reflect on your own math/reading instruction this week and think about how you might move your instruction from the passive teaching methods to the participatory teaching methods. If you are using Kagan structures and other collaborative small group models, you are on the right track.

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Math Coach's Corner

When you read Donna Boucher's blog posts, you might also find the comments/responses to her posts interesting and helpful. I do. I usually go to each link she provides and find a whole new gem. Between the coaching of Stacey Grant and Barbara Briley and this blog, I am learning so much about the elements of good teaching and the essential practices of developing mathematical thinking in students. If you follow a Texas coach or educator that is helping you improve your capacity as a teacher for any subject, please share with me so that I might share with our faculty.

Donna Boucher says, "In Texas, process standards are embedded into 75% of the items on our state assessment. If we don’t embed process standards into 75% of our classroom instruction, our students will not be successful."

Button links below are for Math Coach's Corner and Region 7 Workshops

Excellent Suggestions for Math Remediation

What does the math teacher do with the following students? 1. Students who lack current grade level skills 2. Students who lack number sense 3. Students who cannot apply mathematics

Problem of the Day - Modeling Our Thinking

If you struggle with modeling APS Check, follow these simple guidelines.

Text Structure for Word Problems

As a former ELA teacher, this made perfect sense to me. What do you think?

A Tip from Barbara Briley

Give students a word problem with only two answer choices, one right and the other wrong. Have each student write out a justification explanation for why one is right and the other is wrong on paper. Then students share their thinking verbally with another student. This could be a station rotation. I have seen this in our building as a four corners activity as well. It's great for them to diagnose and justify each answer! I think having just two answers to deal with makes the task less daunting for our younger mathematicians.
Daily 5 Cafe

Region 7 Workshop! I am not sure if this will be a repeat for teachers in K-2 or an expansion of your February trainings. Teachers in 3-5 need to sign up for one of these sessions. I will visit with Patsy Ramirez to find out more information.

Sean Cain, Author of The Fundamental 5 at Region 7!

I am very excited about this. There is not an online registration. The workshop is on 7-18-16. If you are interested, email D. Copeland, Registrar, at The workshop is called Fundamental Change.