School Counseling News

Week of Jan. 12th

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Lessons were a success. Thank you for your support and time to visit your classrooms.

Do The Right Thing

Do you have any students in your room who have "Done the Right Thing" recently? If so, please print and fill out the nomination form and return to my box. Nominations for DTRT are due Feb. 4th

Counselor's Cafe

Small Groups will begin this month. Please take a moment to fill this survey out. This info along with behavior and attendance data will guide the topics of my groups.

Groups will take place during lunch and / or recess. A schedule will be published once topics and time frames are finalized.

Watch for a separate form that will come soon for you to submit individual names based on the group(s) topics. Thanks folks!

Cardinal of the Month Luncheon

Our Jan. Cardinal of the Month Celebration will take place on Jan. 29th. Please submit your Cardinal Names by 1/22.
School Counselor Referral Form

Please use this form to submit a referral for school counseling services. Thanks!