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Everything You Would Need To Know As A Tourist !!!

France is the most visited country in the world it has over 80 million visitors a year ( so it may be a little busy ). France has many different types of food, but if you don't feel adventurous I suggest you bring your own food or eat at familiar restaurants. I say this because they eat pretty strange things in France like snails and goose liver, but that's not all so be causious when eating you may get a surprise. Don't forget to exchange your money for French money because they WILL NOT except anything else. Make sure to do your research on how much money you get when you exchange a certain amount because that may make you get more or less money in their country.

Some Famous Tourist Attractions here in France are ...

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France's Flower

France's Flower is a Lily. It's beautiful don't you think ?!

By : Aubree G. Mrs. Lovell Class 2