Shimek Library Newsletter

March & April 2018

All Library Books Due May 22

The end of the year is quickly approaching. All library books are due by Tuesday, May 22. If you believe you have lost a book, please contact the library. Thank you!

Our Amazing Administrative Professional

Melanie Morgan is our media secretary. She is a wonderful resource for all users of the library, young and old. We are so lucky to have her and her many talents at Shimek!

Librarian for a Day

Ruby won the auction and was the Shimek librarian for a day. She was a terrific help!

Library Learning

Kindergarten: We are reading our way around the library, exploring the different types of books found there. We read books in the Everybody and Easy Reader sections, then explored nonfiction books and biographies. There are so many great books!

In the lab we are working on an ABC book using Book Creator. This involves planning, typing, and drawing. Here is the link to our ABC book: The ABC Book 2018 I hope you enjoy it!

First Grade: We compared fiction and nonfiction books, using books written by Jill Esbaum, a favorite Iowa author. We also learned about Mount St Helens and saw ash from the 1980 eruption because Mrs. Johnson lived in Washington when the volcano erupted. Now we have started to read our way around the library. First we read Everybody and Easy Reader books, then we explored the many varieties of books in the nonfiction area.

Second Grade: We participated in Caldecott Madness with Longfellow Elementary. The Caldecott award is given each year to the book in the US that has the best illustrations. The second graders in both schools looked through the same 32 Caldecott winners and honor books from the past few decades. The classes in each school voted on the best books independently, then we compared. Amazingly, the two schools ended up with very similar winners: The Adventures of Beekle, Finding Winnie, and Mr.Wuffles. Using Google Hangout, Shimek second graders discussed the illustrations in the books with second graders at Longfellow. The ultimate Caldecott Madness 2018 winner is Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World's Most Famous Bear.

Third Grade: The third graders worked on the animal research project all month. This involved brainstroming questions, notetaking, researching in books and online, learning how to use Google Slides - typing, pictures, and transitions, and citing their sources.

Fourth grade:
We discussed digital safety extensively - how to stay safe online and how to be a good digital citizen. The state research project is now in progress. Students brainstormed research questions using Kidspiration, researched in books and online using Britannica Online and CultureGrams, learned how to cite their sources, and presented the research on Google Slides.
Fifth Grade: The fifth grade students used the program Comic Life to make comic book pages of their favorite parts of The Watsons Go to Birmingham. Then we switched gears and researched Revoltionary War battles and presented our research using Animoto.

Sixth grade: The sixth graders finished their evaluation of websites and then shared their opinions with their classmates. It was tricky to decide which were fake sites and which were real sites. The students are now doing research on famous women and using Powtoon to present their research in an engaging way.

Optimist Good Reader

The ceremony and party were in March. Congratulations to all Shimek 3rd and 4th graders who read many books from different genres and completed all three levels of OGR!