GCS iPad Update

News for the week of Monday, November 26, 2012

Survey Says . . .

This week, I thought I would share a couple of results from our student iPad survey.

The first item shows that 80% of our students believe the iPad is easy to use.

The next graphic shows that 93% of freshmen believe that new information is more accessible and easier to find with the iPad.

App Recommendation

Recorder Pro

I found an iPad app that your student might like to use. If your son or daughter has a need to record a class, this app works very well. What I like most about Recorder Pro is that it has the ability to save recordings in Dropbox.

You might remember from my last update that Dropbox is an app/web site that we rely on daily. We autosync all of our notes in Notability to Dropbox.

When I first looked at this app, it was on sale for FREE. I don't know how long the sale will last. Before it was on sale, it cost $.99.

Recorder Pro

Talk to Your Kids

With horror, I read a news article I thought I should share with you. Last week, two thirty-something year-old women took an offensive picture while visiting Arlington National Cemetery. They posted the offensive picture on Facebook. Now, not only did they completely offend all who fought for their freedom of speech, but as a result both were fired from their jobs.

I thought it might be a good lesson to share with our kids. I think it would be good to remind our kids that NOTHING on Facebook is really private, and there are consequences to bad choices.

If you want to read the news article, CLICK HERE.

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